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New Kid in the Indian Digital Media Block – BusinessWolf.Org

December 22
04:21 2015

Imagine you’ve have just turned on the TV and tuned into your favourite news channel.  Wait what do you see? A furious debate is on, politicizing of non issues, somebody suddenly launches a furious monologue which segues to a dialogue and then a complete chaos. Now in this continual verbal combat which lasts for 45 minutes, none of the so called learned speakers arrive at any conclusion with respect to what is the root cause of the issue at hand. The moderator finally closes the debate with a dangling conclusion.

Well while watching one such debate, amid all the furore, the idea of BusinessWolf was sown in the mind of Prashant Ranjan, 25, an education technology entrepreneur by profession and a techie by education.

In line with Prashant’s claim, the catch line captures the essence of the objective with which BusinessWolf was created. It primarily intended to “Bridge the Gap between News and their Underlying Causes” today BusinessWolf has one of the popular names in the digital amongst the yuppies in India.

BusinessWolf is dedicated to aggregating, analyzing and reporting the top geo politics, technology, business strategy stories on the web at a rapid-fire pace. Officially launched on the 3rd of Aug 2014, BusinessWolf has a vintage of barely a little more than one year. From churning out 2 articles a day in the first few months of its existence, Business Wolf right now has earned the wider based of loyal readership with delivering 8 – 10 articles a day.

“BusinessWolf has registered some very decent metrics in a very short span of time which is quite encouraging for us. With more than 20,000 daily visitor staying for more than 2 minutes on an average and bounce rate as low as 19%, BusinessWolf has reinforced our faith in the Content,” says Ms Mansi Sharma, Editor with BusinessWolf.

There has been a lot of buzz in the online media space for the last few months with News in Shorts, mopping up funds from Marquee investors at a staggering USD 100 Million valuation. Besides another major rival and quite a major one in the media, Newshunt has raised USD 40 Million to make a foray in the digital content. In fact News In Shorts has created quite  a buzz in India where the e-commerce and other capital intensive start-ups claiming most of the limelight in the start up space.

Amid all the euphoria there has been quite a few dampeners as well amongst the start up companies of same ilk in the digital media. US digital media start up, Circa, which pioneered in the genre of new content served in the online format was written off by the investors leading to its demise.

“Although not a direct substitute of BusinessWolf, which is more into analysis of news articles to figure out the root cause, Circa reminds us that we should be very careful in this journey,” says Prashant, the 25 year old creater who is also an “innovator” at Businesswolf.

Monetization of Businesswolf is definitely not a priority at a moment but soon avenues need to be found to ensure its sustainability in the long run. Currently the website derives its revenue from certain sources broadly classified as advertising.

“Content is King and nothing can trump a good content – So, Content is our prime focus area at the moment,” add Prashant.

BusinessWolf (BW) is a one of its kind website and doesn’t have any competitor in a way, as it intends to leave a mark in the areas where there has been very little work done. BusinessWolf does not intend to ape any news aggregator or new creator in the space but carve a niche for itself in the space of digital media. 

Digital world is abound news and other various media reports, but BusinessWolf wishes to plug the dearth of good reports on topics namely, Geopolitics, Business Strategy, Health Intelligence, Legal Intelligence and getting all in one website is something rare. Unlike that of other websites, BW makes sure that a lot of thought and research goes into each of the articles published in any of the categories. BusinessWolf aims at capturing the quintessential crux behind any news it covers and explain the underlying cause through Analytics, Info-graphics, Illustrations and other more Expressive & Interactive features.

The experienced team of writers in BW, with utmost sincerity under the guidance of Ideation Team, churns out articles, which are published under the strict supervision of the Editorial Team the illustrious multifaceted team members of BusinessWolf are designated as ‘Innovators’ who distinguishes between news, facts and opinions and does their share of brainstorming to engage readers into participating in the process.

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