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What to call Ash, Aishwarya or Something else?

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What to call Ash, Aishwarya or Something else?

October 29
07:21 2013

jayaOctober 29 – After a couple of incidences in the recent times, reporters and photographers must be thinking by which name they should call Aishwarya so that her husband and mother –in –law can at least be happy.

A few days ago, at the event by the Prestige, Junior Bachchan corrected one of the reporters who referred Aishwarya as Ash while asking a question. Interrupting suddenly and in between the question by the reporter, Abhishek responded ‘Aishwarya not Ash’. Besides this incident, during a party by Subhash Ghai in the prior week only, Jaya Bachchan, who arrived at the venue with her beautiful daughter – in –law Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, responded to the photographers in a tad angry tone who were calling Ash as Aishwarya. After hearing the word Aishwarya twice from them, Jaya Bachchan turned and replied – what is this Aishwarya – Aishwarya? Is she your school friend?

After these two sudden reactions from the duo, reporters and photographers must be wondering what and how to call Mrs. Junior Bachchan so that entire family can be happy!

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