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Increasing Focus on Biologicals Driving the Global Cold Chain Market

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Increasing Focus on Biologicals Driving the Global Cold Chain Market

April 02
21:59 2014

Healthcare Cold Chain Logistics Market Report & Forecast: 2013-2018
Driven by an increasing focus on biopharmaceuticals compared to small molecule drugs, the demand for cold chain logistic services is expected to grow robustly in the coming years.

Strong biopharmaceutical sales, temperature sensitivity, biosimilar launches and increasing outsourcing trends are expected to be the catalysts in driving the global biopharmaceutical logistics market in the coming years. Research firm IMARC Group expects this market to experience double digit growth rates during 2014-2018, according to its latest report titled “Global Healthcare Cold Chain Logistics Market Report & Forecast: 2013-2018”. The report which has done a comprehensive analysis on the cold chain requirements and opportunities for healthcare products expects biopharmaceuticals along with vaccines to account for 67% of the global cold chain healthcare logistics market by 2018.

According to an analyst at IMARC Group, “As a result of numerous factors such as higher growth, stronger efficacy, higher margins, etc., pharmaceutical manufacturers are now preferring to invest their R&D budgets on biopharmaceuticals rather than small molecule drugs. In the last few years the number of biopharmaceutical drugs in preclinical trials and clinical trials have increased significantly compared to small molecule drugs. The growth of the biopharmaceutical industry is also creating a huge demand for efficient cold chain logistic services. Biopharmaceuticals are highly temperature sensitive and are recommended to be stored and transported at temperatures ranging from 2°-8°C. Most biopharmaceuticals are protein based drugs and any excursions in their ideal storage or transportation temperatures can disrupt their three dimensional protein structure and make them ineffective. As a result, increasing investments in biopharmaceutical research and development is expected to create additional cold chain requirements compared to small molecule drugs.”

IMARC’s new report entitled “Global Healthcare Cold Chain Logistics Market Report & Forecast (2013-2018),” which is the third edition of our highly acclaimed publication, provides a comprehensive insight into the logistic opportunities in the global healthcare market. The study, that has been undertaken using both desk based and qualitative primary market research, has analyzed three aspects of the global healthcare cold chain logistics market.

The first aspect involves the quantification of the global market for temperature sensitive healthcare products into three major classes and evaluation of the current and future opportunities in each of these classes. The second aspect involves an in-depth understanding on the global healthcare cold chain distribution process and logistic requirements for various temperature sensitive healthcare products. The third aspect involves the quantification of the global healthcare cold chain logistic services market and a comprehensive evaluation of its various segments.

What we have achieved in this report:

Comprehensive Market Analysis of Temperature Sensitive Healthcare Products:

Classes Covered: Biopharmaceuticals, Vaccines and Clinical Trial Materials

Focus of the Analysis in Each Class:

  • Drivers and challenges
  • Historical sales trends
  • Logistic requirements
  • Impact of temperature excursions
  • Opportunities in cold chain services
  • Market outlook (2013-2018)

Understanding the Operations of a Healthcare Cold Chain Distribution Process

Focus of the Analysis:

  • Understanding the various methods of cold chain distribution and their advantages/disadvantages
  • Understanding the cold chain requirements for various temperature sensitive healthcare products and the impact of temperature excursions
  • Understanding the various costs involved in cold chain transportation and comparing it with non-cold chain transportation
  • Understanding the key steps required in the setting and organization of an efficient cold chain distribution process

Comprehensive Market Analysis of the Healthcare Cold Chain Logistic Services Market

Focus of the analysis:

  • Quantifying the global healthcare cold chain logistic services market
  • Quantifying the market size by product
  • Quantifying the market size by service
  • Quantifying the market size by region

Information Sources

Information has been sourced from both primary and secondary sources:

  • Primary sources include industry surveys and face to face/telephone interviews with industry experts.
  • Secondary sources include proprietary databases and search engines. These sources include company websites and reports, books, trade journals, magazines, white papers, industry portals, government sources and access to more than 4000 paid databases.

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