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Say No to Leafy Vegetables When Rain is Around, Points Out Research

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Say No to Leafy Vegetables When Rain is Around, Points Out Research

June 25
14:52 2015

green veggieNew Delhi, Thursday, June 25 – Elders usually push the young ones to focus on leafy greens rather than eating the stuffs with no or feeble nutritional value. However, a study stresses to say the green vegetables a big no when rains are lashing the streets.

Since rain is around, consumption of spinach, cabbage, broccoli, should be stopped. The key reason why people ought to avoid is the higher chances of finding germs and viruses that affect human body in a number of ways. Whatever one eats must be washed thoroughly under fresh water but when it comes to greens, these must be soaked at least for 30 minutes prior to cooking.

To stay away from seasonal infections, it is far better to opt for prevention than cure. Peas, lettuce, cucumber, celery, Bok Choi and cauliflowers must be included in diet but not when it is raining cats and dogs. As adequate amount of sunlight doesn’t reach during monsoon, bacteria attack on vegetables increases in pace, the study mentioned further to explain what could be its aftermath on health if food lovers continue to eat the veggies and that too without following essential measures of cleaning them properly.

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