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Care for Skin during All Seasons to Retain its Shine, Says Study

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Care for Skin during All Seasons to Retain its Shine, Says Study

June 24
13:33 2015

skin careNew Delhi, Wednesday, June 24 – Spicing up look with some of the cosmetics is one of the common habits of women. Be it school or college girls, working ladies and women at home, everyone has their own makeup kits according to skin type.

The trousseau personalized for brides are bit different than what females use on a daily basis or on some occasions in family. Putting on layers of makeup could make them look beautiful but that may take away the natural moisturizer present in the skin, mentioned a latest study.

The more natural one keeps and pays attention on enhancing the quality of skin, the higher are the chances of retaining its glow in the long term. Skin care is pivotal when one doesn’t want to look old at a young age. Wearing makeup is not a problem but it is the quality of products used on face and other body parts that could leave reddish patches.

Women should always be sure that the cosmetics are first-class and perfect to wear during both day and night functions. But at the end of the day, people must make sure they clean, oil and moisturize their skin before going to bed, no matter whatever the season is, to keep it soft and healthy, the research stated further.

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