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Fenugreek Seeds Work as a Good Hair Tonic, Mention Researchers

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Fenugreek Seeds Work as a Good Hair Tonic, Mention Researchers

June 03
13:42 2015

fenugreek seedsNew Delhi, Wednesday, June 3 – Hair care is a difficult job in this day and age thanks to increased pollution and unhealthy eating habits. Since people ignore the essential elements while taking food and gorge on the stuffs made from refined flour, locks do not attain proper nourishment.

All problems aggravate when stomach is upset. Intake of indispensable vitamins, proteins, mineral, potassium etc. is important for people belonging to different age groups. Healthy eating means healthy skin and hair but lack of vital nutrients does the vice-versa. Lackluster hair and dull face reveal each secret about one’s eating habits and lifestyle; if not in details then in brief.

To get sheen of hair back, people must eat a small tablespoon of fenugreek seeds at least thrice a week. It gives good results if applied on hair after being soaked for 2 to 3 hours. Fine powder of fenugreek when mixed with water and curd increases the luster and gives tresses desired nourishment when applied as a mask for about 30 to 40 minutes, cited a new team of researchers busy in finding kitchen ingredients that could do magic within a short span of time.

For extra bounce and waviness in long locks, final rinsing of the hair should be done with water having 8 to 10 drops of vinegar and a pinch of finely crushed black peppers. Switching to herbal products and opting less hair treatment lessen hair fall to a great extent. For split-ends free hair, apt massage from scalp and till length of the hair is pivotal. Showing off attractive tresses will be only possible if people take a good care of themselves and protect hair from rain, intense heat and dust, they mentioned further.

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