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Protect Your Skin from Searing Heat to Keep it Glowing & Fresh, Cites Research

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Protect Your Skin from Searing Heat to Keep it Glowing & Fresh, Cites Research

May 28
13:19 2015

summer coverNew Delhi, Thursday, May 28 – A glance over one’s face is adequate to tell about his/her regimen and eating habits. Being the mirror of personality, a bit extra care is needed by the facial skin, which becomes several shades darker than the original skin tone thanks to scorching heat outside.

Despite the fact that people know about the significance of wearing sunscreen during summers, many skip it, letting their skin to bear the brunt. Even when it is a cloudy day, individuals must apply sun block that guards different layers from ultra-violet radiations, said a team of analysts that aims to make people understand that prevention is better than cure.

No one likes the sun-kissed skin, which looks dull after being exposed to direct sunlight. Homemade face packs and masks are applied and home remedies are followed to remove the ugly tanning. The process may take around 20 to 30 minutes daily. However, covering the face with cotton fabric, gloves and applying sunscreen and following other effective measures take around a couple of minutes.

Extra care is good but avoiding direct heat on skin has got its own significance. If one takes no notice of protecting the outer cover for a long time, the possibility of finding wrinkles of face and folds in hands at a young age becomes higher. For a quick fix, bottle gourd juice, watermelon juice and cucumber juice should be applied and left for at least 10 minutes to see the difference, the study cited further.

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