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Straight Hair – Best for All Occasions

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Straight Hair – Best for All Occasions

November 18
07:05 2013

straight hairMonday, November 18 – Do you have curly hair and are you fed up with the Maggie curls? If pat reply comes as yes, then its time to change the bonding of hair through hair straightening. Flaunt your style with straight hair that looks stylish on all occasions, be it marriage, wedding reception, birthday party and ceremonies at home.

Straight hair is easy to manage as compared to that of curly ones. If your hair is naturally straight then it is easy for you to have any hair style, but if you don’t, then still no need to worry at all. Time has changed a lot and introduction of new techniques in the field of beautifying hair quality have made it easy for people to get hair as per their choices. Those who wish to flaunt curls for a change have the option of perming hair. The perms add gorgeousness to personality as long lasting wave comprises the use of chemicals that break and reform the bonds of the hair texture.

However, if someone wants to break the bonds of natural curls, then hair straightening is one of the best available options. There are many parlors that offer hair straightening, but one needs to be very attentive before undergoing the further procedures. Select the best parlor where hair dressers are well trained. As per the length of hair, straightening procedures are conducted. The entire process might take almost 2 to 3 hours. But as soon as hair gets straight, the lady is all set to look stunning and gorgeous.

On the other hand, one needs to be a tad more careful towards hair care post hair straightening after all it involves lot of chemical treatment to break the usual bond of hair. Starting from hair wash till its drying, every thing has to be done gently. First of all comb hair properly before washing it and make it tangle free. Make sure that there are no knots otherwise this will lead to hair breakage.

Now apply shampoo and foam it up by rubbing your hands softly together. Rinse it thoroughly with water. Now, use a moisturizing conditioner. With a wide-toothed comb, clear the knots, if any, and wash the conditioner out but do not snarl the ends as this may increase split ends, which make hair rough and dull. Now wrap a towel, and comb hair one more time. Let it get dry of its own. Avoid using too much of blow dryer and ironing rod. Apply hair serum at the end and comb it. You are just ready to win several hearts.

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