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PM Nominee Narendra Modi Addresses Rally in Raigarh; Counters Tea Boy Remark

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PM Nominee Narendra Modi Addresses Rally in Raigarh; Counters Tea Boy Remark

November 15
07:25 2013

modi1Raigarh, November 15 – Narendra Modi, the Prime Ministerial candidate of Bharatiya Janata Party, addressed a huge rally in Raigarh, Chhattisgarh. He renewed to attack on Congress President Sonia Gandhi and asked her to do proper homework earlier than addressing rallies in various states.

He said that country does not trust UPA government anymore. Indian people have lost their hopes and reliance from ruling government as it failed to control inflation.

He took on Congress and stated that the party cannot beat the BJP wave in Chhattisgarh. Modi also added that opponent party members closely keep an eye on his every move and speech. The PM nominee mentioned Congress being either bothered of ‘ Narendra Modi or Gold’.

He hit back on tea boy remark as well. Countering the comment, he asked is it a crime to be born as a poor and mentioned the remark as an insult to poor populace. Adding to the statement, he said further – if a poor can’t contest for Prime Minister position then should it be corrupt people to lead the nation? Modi took a jibe at Rahul Gandhi, Vice President of Congress, too stating his unhappiness with the system, which has been ruined by his party only.

Sonia Gandhi addressed a rally today in Rewa, Madhya Pradesh. Attacking BJP, the Congress President said that a few people daydream of coming in the power. She responded to Shehzaada barbs and defended Rahul, mentioning ahead that BJP is milleading MP residents by twisting the truth.

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