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Is Household Management Toughest Task of All?

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Is Household Management Toughest Task of All?

October 30
15:36 2014

Household managementNew Delhi, Thursday, October 30 – Everyday rise and fall in the price of various products have direct relation with the household budget. The instant drop in the rates of daily commodities is not seen often. What homemakers get to face after certain time interval is the hike. Current example is the increase in LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) rates. For the reason that the government augmented the dealers’ commission, INR 3 more will have to be shell out by the common mob to get subsidized cooking gas.

Even though the recent is not big as compared to the increase in previous years, it is going to put a slight pressure on the general public to keep managing their finances at least to some extent. The 14.2 kilogram cylinder, which was costing INR 414 will now be delivered at the price of INR 417 in the national capital. There is no respite for the people who manage their homes by allocating the money over the purchase of different items as per the need of the house.

Sometimes they see red due to soaring prices of tomato, onion, potato, carrot, cauliflower, garlic, bottle guard lemons etc. A decade ago, residents would buy several quantities of vegetables in INR 100. But actual picture of the vegetable market is to be drawn then they will have to return home after having hardly some kilos of common kitchen staples. None can forget the time when onion’s prices touched the mark of INR 100 last year in October.

Middle and lower class people suffer a lot with the augmentation. Most of the time, they have to compromise on the quantity. Nothing could be sad for a breadwinner to see his children sleeping without consuming adequate food and lacking required nutrition. The task of buying fruit is like a dream for several families. Cost of Banana per dozen remains in the range of INR 40 to INR 50. Average quality apple also comes at the same price. Quality fruits are priced at higher rates and far beyond one’s reach. Sugar rates stay in up and down status.

If truth be told, the efforts of Modi government to put a ceiling on higher rates are commendable. Whenever a price rise is seen, a proper explanation was given from the top leaders. It is true that Bharatiya Janata Party-led National Democratic Alliance is successful in creating the trust factor amongst the masses. Residents believe that whatever steps are taken by Modi brigade will be in the favor of general public. All things considered, household management is not at all easy and this can be clearly understood after managing it only for a day.

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