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Exercise Regularly to Say Goodbye to Health Issues

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Exercise Regularly to Say Goodbye to Health Issues

June 23
16:55 2016

yogaNew Delhi, Thursday, June 23 – A fit body is the dream of each human being. During the young age, one doesn’t realize the significance of healthy food habits and exercise but its need is understood as the year passes by. Yoga and other workouts must be done on a daily basis not only on ‘Yoga Day’.

It is better to be a yoga practitioner instead of being one whose day starts with high calorie diet. Fruits and vegetables have great significance in keeping people in shape. A person should try meeting the body’s daily requirement for zinc, minerals, vitamin A, C, D & E, beta carotene and so on.

Use of refined flour in each kitchen should be limited. There will be no point of spending hours in exercising to shed weight if one couldn’t stop himself from eating more than a few muffins and pasta dishes. Balanced diet should be a crucial part of life as this helps people understand what to eat and what to leave.

Rainbow fruits and veggies must be incorporated in diet. As food is important to maintain figure with no love handles on the waist, exercise is imperative too. Start with mountain pose, child’s resting pose, push ups, Russian twist, bridge pose, 30 minute walk, weight lifting movements and sun salutation if one wishes to increase his interest in workout sessions, which are significant to energize body and keep joint, heart and other problems at bay.


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