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Let Kitchen Ingredients Add Shine to Tresses

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Let Kitchen Ingredients Add Shine to Tresses

June 15
15:59 2016

hairNew Delhi, Wednesday, June 15 – Beautiful hair can catch attention of anyone at any point of time. Not everyone is blessed with gorgeous looking hair. Those who have it fight to preserve its beauty which is not an easy task for the reason that surrounding is polluted.

Each season in India comes with different challenges. During rainy days, the amount of dampness increases, leaving a lot of moisture in the scalp too. Dryness augments the moment winter starts to set in. Problems during summer are no less at all. Intense heat takes the sheen away from hair, making it look dull and unattractive. Those who cover themselves from top to bottom to save themselves from sunshine allow sweat to do the damage.

If it is not possible for one to splurge to buy expensive hair, it is always easy to go to kitchen area and find ingredients that can do magic on hair. Avocado, onion juice, fenugreek seed paste, boiled potato water, yogurt, honey with mashed banana, curry leaves and so on are best for almost all type of hair. These should be applied liberally from roots to the end. A good massage of oil before applying the pack of your choice gives better result. A shampoo wash followed by conditioner is advised for outstanding results. If a pack is applied once in a week, difference in thickness, lustre and length of the tresses can easily be noticed. Besides this, people should drink plenty of water in a day and must follow healthy diet, which should include lentils, beans, curd and a variety of nuts.




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