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Harry Foster Misses Chance to Win Immunity Pin by an Inch against Lachlan Colwill

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Harry Foster Misses Chance to Win Immunity Pin by an Inch against Lachlan Colwill

June 08
16:21 2016

harryNew Delhi, Wednesday, June 8 – MasterChef Australia gained massive popularity amongst the masses when its new episode was aired a month ago. Being a show that gives common man a platform to let the world see their cooking skill, recognition has increased with every passing season.

The 8th edition of MasterChef kicked off on May 1, letting home cooks leave no stone unturned to stand out amid other contestants participating in the contest from different states. Harry Foster, Karmen Lu and Mimi Baines were taken by surprise in the middle of the night given that the first round for the immunity challenge was to prepare a midnight snack.

Nigella Lawson, who is the guest chef of this week, and Matt were all set to let what the top three of the invention test can create in 30 minutes. Harry’s brookies won heart of the judges over Mimi’s fresh toast with some caramelized & fresh bananas with some cream and Karmen’s waffle. It was a hit or miss for Harry as brookies did not seem to get ideal heat in the oven thanks to lesser time but these were just done; crunchy from outside and gooey from inside.

In the second round he had to face Lachlan Colwill. Harry was given choice of pantry where he opted to go with dessert section. Seeing him choose ‘Christmas sweet’ over ‘Christmas savory’ surprised the Judges as well as the contestants. A few thought why Harry did not play with his strengths he is good at. The 22-year-old cocktail bartender by profession decided to make Christmas pavlova. Shannon Bennett was present to guide him but not convinced with the idea of Harry’s final plating. Meringue by him tasted good. Lachlan Colwill, on the other hand, created Australian summer Christmas pudding with fresh berries and some chocolates. After tempering the chocolates, he made a mistake of spreading it over the station right above the oven.

Christmas pavlova by Harry caught attention of the Judges thanks to generosity of fruits like raspberry, kiwis, cherry etc. Fresh mango with some sugar gave it freshness. What George felt that meringue should be crunchy, chewy and marshmallow-y. Others found it a bit sweet. Regardless of being pavlova a favorite dish of Gary, he gave Harry a 6 out of 10. George gave him 6 points too. Nigella gave 7 out of 10 and same was the score by Matt for Harry, making him get 26 out of possible 40. Harry efforts to make Christmas Pavlova wasn’t enough to beat Colwill’s Australian summer Christmas pudding for the reason that the expert won the challenge with one point extra over Harry’s 26.

Light and white look of the Colwill’s dessert spread a broad smile on the faces of the judges. Smell of spices, nuts and fruits made flavors to sing a little bit in the mouth but ice cream did not have a lot of fruits which would have gave it a touch of Christmas dessert. The guest chef was nervous as well, Nigella scored him 6 but Matt Preston, George Calombaris and Gary Mehigan gave him 7 score apiece, making him go home with his head held high. Simple and sophisticated dessert had great flavors.

Despite the fact that the home cook couldn’t win from this spot as winning the right to challenge a professional and compete for immunity aren’t easy tasks, he learned a lot and likely to use this experience in future challenges, which are a step away in the show.  If truth be told then level of difficulty is surely going to increase. Viewers are keen to witness who rise in tough situations and who succumbs to pressure in the ongoing cooking competition.

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