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Kitchen Hygiene Imperative to Let Family Live a Healthy Life

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Kitchen Hygiene Imperative to Let Family Live a Healthy Life

June 07
16:01 2016

kitchen1New Delhi, Tuesday, June 7 – It is a tradition in most of the households to start the day with a steaming cup of tea or coffee and end the same up with a lukewarm glass of milk, which is good for health and having undisturbed sleep. Throughout the entire day, more than a few cooking procedures take place in every cookhouse.

This ordinary routine is sufficient to reveal the fact that health related stuffs begin and end in the cooking area. This is the prime reason why a person should take care of kitchen hygiene no matter how busy one is in various office or domestic or urgent chores since this is directly related to their immunity power and digestive system.  The more hygiene one maintains on a daily basis, the healthier he/she becomes.

Due to hectic schedules, homemakers don’t waver to be a tad careless towards maintaining the sanitation inside the kitchen but this may result in increasing chances of germs & bacteria development in speed, making them and family members fall ill. Instead of visiting doctors every time, it is better to opt for cleanliness to stay away from unnecessary health issues. When all’s said and done, the tips on the topic of kitchen sanitation must cautiously be grasped.  The spills on table or kitchen floors should be wiped right away to steer clear of germs. Kitchenware and storage containers ought to be washed from time to time and dried properly to avoid moisture. An eye on functioning of electrical appliances like grinder, mixer, juicer, electric tandoor, microwave and toaster is essential as well. Outer surfaces of these ‘easy to use’ machines must be cleaned as well.

Besides this, food should be made in a quantity that can be eaten within a day. Home cooks should try not to store cooked food in the fridge for next day consumption. More to the point, stocking up of matured dairy products, cooked rice and pulses, a variety of chopped fruits, ginger & garlic paste, tomato puree and leafy vegetables for long must be avoided for the reason that not only original taste is lost but also because chances of getting these infected overnight are high. Focus should be paid on cleaning tableware with good quality soaps and detergents. Proper rinsing of plastic or stainless steel utensils should aptly be done customarily on a daily basis. In fact, kitchen instruments must be cleaned with the help of tissue paper before serving food to nullify any probability of finding germs. Mop water shouldn’t be directly thrown into the kitchen sinks as it may have dust particles. Timely wiping of kitchen floors is must to dodge the likelihood of seeing slippery floors, making the area safe for getting engaged in food preparation tasks like chiffonade, sautéing, boiling, frying etc.

Given that a kitchenette is the heart of every house, maintaining its hygiene should be a prime task for all members. Effective measures must be taken to limit entry of insects and rodents. A home is best place to relax and the area that adds to comfort is the kitchen for the reason that homemakers bring comfort food that can be enjoyed at any point of time. Upholding its cleanliness should be a priority to keep health woes at bay. To cut a long story short, partly cloudy sky, clear weather with hazy sunshine and rain are all set to let general public experience weather change in a short span of time. Change in weather conditions might look somewhat amazing to the common mob but health experts always advise people to opt for useful methods to steer clear of being down due to fever, severe headache and body pain. Kitchen ingredients can be used in several home remedies. People must make sure that all spices are freshly crushed and used within a month.

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