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Healthy Food Habits Vital to Keep Obesity at Bay

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Healthy Food Habits Vital to Keep Obesity at Bay

June 06
16:33 2016

saladNew Delhi, Monday, June 6 – There are several benefits of eating small meals on a daily basis than having a lot of food at once. Daily food habits of the people have changed with each passing day, month and year.

In place of eating eatables rich in vitamins, protein, minerals and carbohydrates, youngsters are keener to consume junk food and cola drinks, which adds extra calorie and fat in body. Here is to describe that calories in a variety of food & drinks must be noticed. The higher the calorie, the longer will be the time to digest it properly. Apart from turning fit to fat, people reduce stamina to work proficiently. Energy level is not even the same among overweight populace, found a recent study.

Instead of eating food in one go, focus should be paid on eating in parts and for about six to seven times. Dieting makes people gain weight but eating in parts can help them shed extra kilos in a few weeks. Consumption of fresh fruits like watermelons, lychee, cantaloupe, berries, apples, grapes and pears etc. is very important to add to life and make stomach feel full without gorging on unhealthy eatables. If truth be told then a bowl of sprouts, oats and some fresh juices is pivotal to feel energetic throughout the day.

To not let bad mood get worse, say a clear no to fizzy drinks and soda water as these could be extremely harmful for both overweight and people with average weight. These can be taken once in a blue moon but not in the long run. A glass of lukewarm milk and a bowl of curd are able to bring magical change in body if taken on a regular basis. For better sleep, milk with honey is a wonderful option.

As a matter of fact, exercise might not appear interesting to the people with love handles on the waist as they feel tiredness soon after the workout session starts but a bit of exercise is important for proper circulation of blood. To shed several kilos and get rid of early fatigue, outdoor sports like badminton, cricket, volleyball, basketball, lawn tennis and so on can tremendously be useful. The only need is to get determined of getting in shape and say no to the habits that make people feel lethargic and sleepy. Food should be such that body can stay energetic right from the early morning till late night. One should avoid having anything heavy after 7 pm, the research added further.

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