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Pay Focus to Healthy Eating during Pregnancy to Provide Nutrition to Baby Inside the Womb

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Pay Focus to Healthy Eating during Pregnancy to Provide Nutrition to Baby Inside the Womb

May 18
16:20 2016

babyNew Delhi, Wednesday, May 18 – Healthy pregnancy is truly a blessing. To maintain good health during all phases of life is important but highly crucial in pregnancy trimesters. Nutrition to baby inside the womb and mother is highly imperative and this is the reason why everyone seems to keen to give free advices to the women who are expecting.

Intake of vegetables is necessary. Some portions of bottle gourd, snake gourd, squash, sweet potato ladies finger, potato, ridge gourd, carrots, cucumber, winter melon, cabbage, gherkins and bitter gourd must be eaten on  a daily basis, if possible. Those who can’t have these regularly must try to complete intake of these nutritious veggies in a week time, which is feasible. Leafy vegetables like spinach and fenugreek are good for health too.

Moms-to-be can have green peas, brinjal, cluster beans, French beans and green, yellow and red capsicum but in limited quantity to diminish any possibility of feeling any problem as these may trigger acidity. Salads with sprouts (not raw), green vegetables and fruits are excellent supplements of vitamins, iron & minerals, which are required by pregnant women. It must be taken care that all vegetables are washed properly under running water and soaked in lukewarm water for four to five minutes to remove pesticides and chemicals, if there is any.

Eating nuts and dry fruits is important too. A few almonds soaked in water for 8 to 10 hours should be eaten early morning. This is recommended by several doctors since almonds have great nutritional value and serve as tonic for brain. Not only this, dates soaked in ghee gives nourishment, preserves hemoglobin level and also makes the bones stronger. Black currants’ seeds help in proper digestion. Here is to mention that it is a good source of iron, looks after acidity and provides energy as well. Get rid of constipation, which is a common health issue in pregnant ladies, dry figs must be eaten as this being a wonderful source of iron and calcium.

For ideal formation of healthy muscle tissue, conservation of energy and building good taste in mouth to increase the appetite, which is usually lost due to nausea and morning sickness during first trimester, apricots must be eaten. At the same time, it will be better to not eat cashews, walnuts and pistachios. If one craves for these nuts then better to have just one or two. Cow’s ghee, milk, asparagus etc. have their nutritional value in pregnancy. A big no for junk food as this can have an impact on digestion and cause constipation as well. “Pregnancy is not an illness”, say the doctors. It is a beautiful phase of three trimesters that should be spent by eating healthy stuffs and doing a few exercises that do not give body any sort of strain. An array of pulses like moong, tur, mixed lentils must be consumed to let body have proteins. A little bit of care can result into happiness for life.

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