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Meet Liam McTigue: The Man Who Never Gave Up

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Meet Liam McTigue: The Man Who Never Gave Up

May 07
01:23 2021
Meet Liam McTigue: The Man Who Never Gave Up

From humble beginnings on the island of Oahu, Liam McTigue learned to never give up. For years, swells, tides, and barrels were the only things that occupied his mind. With aspirations of becoming a professional surfer, Liam lived for the famous North Shore swells and Pipeline barrels. Now, he runs ateam of 70 door-to-door salesmen, who are mostly college students, for an up and coming pest control company called Moxie. His team call themselves the Bugs R Lame region. As a manager, he’s in charge of recruiting, training, and managing these 70 representatives as they sell annual pest control subscriptions during the summer months of May through August. Liam’s first year managing, he recruited 10 people, but only 3 finished the summer program. Three short years later, Liam has managed to recruit over $2 million in revenue for Moxie through direct marketing. Part of what drives him is the success and financial freedom he’s able to share with others. However, Liam’s journey here was often filled with disappointment and failure. Through it all, he kept pushing, kept going, and most importantly, never gave up. 

When Liam first started in pest control sales, he had reached a low point in his life. His dreams of becoming a pro surfer didn’t materialize and he was struggling to find meaning and direction in life. During this difficult time, his friend Andy approached him with an opportunity to make $30,000 in a summer. With limited options, Liam decided to give it a try despite most of his friends and family telling him it was a mistake. His initial experience was terrible as the job turned out to be a lot harder than he had anticipated. After enduring weeks of slammed doors and constant rejection, Liam contemplated quitting. He was one of the worst salesmen on the team and wasn’t making much money. Surfing and relaxing on a Hawaiin beach suddenly seemed a lot more appealing than selling pest control in the MidWest humidity. But without the money for a plane ticket back to Hawaii, Liam realized he needed to take control of his destiny. He stopped blaming others for his reality, swallowed his pride, and made up his mind to learn how to sell. 

As his success in sales grew, Liam was able to recruit his friends as well. Although recruiting presented its own set of challenges. Most people were skeptical of the business model, thinking it was some sort of pyramid scheme. But as they saw Liam help others succeed, more and more people took the chance. His friends and students on campus started to join him and make tens of thousands of dollars in a matter of months. 

For Liam, mindset is everything. No matter what life throws at you, if you never give up, you’ll always reach your destination. As Liam’s pro surfing dreams ended, he had to experience the pain of watching his friends succeed. When he tried college, it didn’t feel like the right path. Then, when he was one of the worst guys on the sales team his first summer, failure wasn’t an option. He became the #1 rookie sales rep by the end of the year. In the face of adversity, Liam never gave up—he just re routed his course until he arrived at his destination. 

Liam’s advice for anyone starting a business is to understand that things will almost never go as planned. When things are going well, be prepared for things to go wrong. People will flake, they won’t like you, sales will decline, expenses will add up, etc. However, if you learn to accept and grind through the growing pains, you’ll eventually find success. 

As Liam scales his business and team, he plans to develop quality leadership to duplicate the success he’s already built. By training these leaders to recruit, teach, manage, and motivate others, the growth can only be exponential.

You can follow Liam on Instagram@liam_mctigue.

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