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Morning Showers Bring Chill Back in Delhi

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Morning Showers Bring Chill Back in Delhi

February 18
14:33 2016

rainyNew Delhi, Thursday, February 18 – The likelihood of precipitation remained on the cards and turned true early Thursday. After hazy sunshine came in picture recently, weathermen saw strong rainfall chances during this week. Light rainfall and a few morning showers were expected during the weekend but observed a little bit early after clouds covered the sky late Wednesday, considerably dipping the temperature.

Respite from intense heat in wintry season in Delhi has been provided by the winds and morning rain. This may not last for long but seem to gain ground to a certain extent for some time. If weather reports of the current week are to be told then days with complete sunshine will be seen after some time as intervals of clouds and sun and considerable cloudiness will be observed for the next few days. A trivial rise and fall in temperature is to be experienced.

Here is to mention that sky was clear till late last week but partly cloudiness on more than a few occasions, along with speedy gust, added to shivery feel. If latest information about climate is to be believed then precipitation is going to make lanes of the national capital wet today. Scenario is to stay same for next two days. Except a few days, both December and January were warmer. Delhi people anticipated mercury to dip afterwards but except some foggy mornings, weather remained warm, which was not usually observed during peak winter season.

People of not only Delhi but also of other states were taken by surprise to see winter months receiving abundant sunshine as compared to previous years, making frostiness arrive a tad late. As of now, cold winds may possibly be a problem for the dwellers and other living creatures. Not to forget that that peak monsoon months in the Capital were dry too, compelling populace to reel under searing heat for quite long. Rainfall in winter is to make climate unpredictable that may bother the masses slightly. Possibilities of sudden changes after a week or two can’t be denied. Wintriness is to stay with mercury going vaguely up and down. Early hours today introduced some cold in the surroundings.

According to weathermen, the mercury is probable to oscillate in the range of 25 degree Celsius and 27 degree Celsius from Thursday till Sunday. Besides this, minimum temperature will move back and forth between 12 degree Celsius and 18 degree Celsius. There remains 10 per cent to 50 per cent probability for downpour in the same period, boosting chances of quick change in weather. Dampness may swing between 50 per cent and 73 per cent but that is not to cause stickiness as climate isn’t warm like sultry conditions observed in summers. In addition, speed of the wind at this time frame will fluctuate between 10 km per hour to 21 km per hour, letting some chill to sustain in the atmosphere all through the twelve noon.

It was slightly chilly at the nighttime a day ago. The middle of the day is supposed to take up the same mood. Attributable to the transition in weather conditions, a number of patients are visiting nearby hospitals in order to take medical assistance to cure seasonal fever, sore throat, cold, cough, norovirus and asthma, which worsens due to some air pollutants. Asthmatic attacks are on the rise in this period. Patients should take apt care as soon as possible to get rid of this health issue.

If truth be told then wheezing and shortness of breath are felt by the residents who are suffering from asthma from last a few months or years. In view of the fact that the flu virus spurs during this span of time, doctors give advice to stay a little more watchful towards their health. “Given that climate is now somewhat warm inside and nippy outside, some people are complaining about being hit by multiple diseases in the season. On the basis of sudden exposure to hot and cold climatic conditions, most of the populace report about having mild fever. Regular medication is recommended to those who have history of falling sick with instant rise or drop in the temperature”, said a senior physician of one of the leading hospitals of the metropolis.

The environment is to be full of increasing signs of winter, which is supposed to be pleasant as before. No substantial plunge in the temperature is to be felt at the month-end. In the nutshell, conditions will be soothing in the upcoming days but the mob needs to gear up for sudden drop in temperature in case rain percentage increases. It is better to see some drop in mercury at present that will help summer signs to stay far away at least for some time from now. As per reports in the recent past, 2016 may be the warmest year. One can’t even figure out how horrendous will be situation if temperature continues to rise during summer months. But as of today, they are enjoying the transition. Water-logging issues and traffic on roads will be bothersome if city observes substantial precipitation.