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Zoltan Andrejkovics announces a new book, The Invisible Game that reveals the secret behind the success of eSports players

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Zoltan Andrejkovics announces a new book, The Invisible Game that reveals the secret behind the success of eSports players

February 17
23:31 2016

17 Feb, 2016 – Zoltan Andrejkovics has made an announcement about the arrival of his latest book, which is entitled as The Invisible Game that would throw light about the mental balance of the top eSport players. The announcement about the new book that describes the mental side of eSports has roused the interests of many eSports enthusiasts and players across the world as it would tell them how to maintain the “right mindset” during the games.

These days, eSports and competitive gaming have become a popular choice for youngsters. To be a successful e-Athlete, having the right strategy or belonging to a strong team are sometimes not enough for success. This is because tournaments held real time can be very challenging and tough that can surpass your imagination. This new book, The Invisible Game by Zoltan Andrejkovics essays about the essential mental development of the players of eSports. Sometimes, you mayoverestimate the will of ego and often forget the power of your inner wisdom.

You can find more details about the book by clicking at the link at

If you are a player you might have come across certain situations that made you lose a game in spite of being in a team that is known for its impeccable team skills.  This is because your team members did not have the positive communication which is essential if you want to win in eSports. In real life achieving the right mindset takes some time as it has to detect the connecting dots in your lives and the way it shapes up your mental state to attain success in every game you play.

When speaking about his new book, The Invisible game, its author Zoltan felt that it was necessary to gather up all significant mental topics in a single book as it can offer great help in developing the mental strength among the e-Athletes. He also added that he generally hears positive points from players about applied psychology of eSports. But, the players have to think much deeper to gain an insight about the player’s attitude and personality. This new book of Zoltan has 12 chapters which well explains about e-Athletes’ mental development, leadership and communication. The book has 20 key thoughts, real life stories and handmade illustrations to keep the readers engrossed.

About Zoltan Andrejkovics:

Zoltan Andrejkovics, the author of The Invisible Game book is the director of Docler eSport, Europe. He always had a passion understand the importance of team dynamics, competitive gaming and interpersonal psychology in the field of eSports. In this book, he has included many real life stories which he came across in his profession that reveal how players reach their goals.

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