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Get New, Throw Away the Old Ones

October 01
04:57 2013

cosmeticsNovember 1 – Festive time has finally arrived and it is the occasion when every girl wishes to look absolutely stunning, be it with the attires she is going to wear or the makeup she is planning to put on. If applying cosmetics is also one of the habits of your daily routine, then must cross check its expiry date. Besides, before buying a new cosmetic, take out your vanity box and throw out all those products that have already been expired but are in use yet. Later on, make a list of all the items now you need and search for best cosmetic brands available in the market. However, before hitting towards the market, just make sure doing a few important things:

• Compare New Range of Product Using Internet :

Internet is the perfect option to check availability and price structure of various products. Using search engines, you can not only compare the product prices but also see their actual weight. There are innumerable deals even that are pocket friendly and help in saving lots of sums. Since Diwali is almost here, then why not to cross check best deals on the range of cosmetics of bigger brand.

• Have an Eagle Eye on Cosmetics’ Expiry Date :

Anything which has been manufactured has an expiry date, no matter it is food products, drinks or even the cosmetics. As per a recent report on cosmetics and their regular usage in our lives, 12 percent of the surveyed females have been using their eye shadows from 14 long years, similar percentage of women among them have been using eyeliners what they have bought 14 years back and seven percent have been using the same mascara from 7 to 8 years. If you too have been doing the same, then skip this habit as soon as possible.

• Explore Beauty Naturally:

Wide range of cosmetics like, foundation, concealer, lip shades, eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, nail art and hair spray are although used to augment beauty but yet one thing shall always be remembered that they do it artificially and have some chemicals into it. Regular usage of these products can cause different sorts of skin issues. Use them but intelligently. If you use it just on occasions then it is the best thing.

• Say Yes to Herbal Cosmetics:

A wide array of herbal cosmetics can be your best friend if you love applying most of the makeup products or in the profession that demands girls to look beautiful, such as film or television field, modeling etc. Herbal cosmetics might be slightly higher in range as compared to that of normal cosmetics but they do not create any trouble for skin that may cause irritation and allergies. If you want to stay away from side effects then replace your old cosmetics with the herbal ones.

• Have an Eye on Contact Lenses:

As cosmetic products helps in enhancing beauty of the face and various body parts, contact lenses augment attraction of eyes. However, contact lenses also have an expiry date which should always be kept in mind. A few of the colored lenses last for just a day, a month or the six month. Do not apply them if its date has already been expired. Ignoring this may cause severe trouble in future, harming retina.

Using cosmetics is not bad, but applying expiry date products is not good. Buy deodorants, lotions, cream, talcum powder, moisturizer, toner and cleanser only in the quantity that can easily be utilized. Boys watch over expiry date mentioned on their shaving creams, after shave & lotions, hair gel and hair spray.

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