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TChain (TCAN): Blockchain + Financial Ecological Application Upgrade

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TChain (TCAN): Blockchain + Financial Ecological Application Upgrade

November 29
18:51 2019

The rise of emerging technologies such as blockchain, big data, and artificial intelligence has led to its gradual and deep integration with the financial industry, leading to the strong rise of financial technology. Nevertheless, the current global financial industry is developing rapidly, and there is still much room for improvement in all aspects of the application.

Out of enthusiasm for technology research and development and a sense of mission in the financial industry for many years, TChain uses the US TY angel fund as a carrier to deploy blockchain technology research and development.We use blockchain technology to formulate a series of open and fair rules and standards to promote the entire market resources. The rapid flow of assets changes, optimizes the composition of the current economic structure, and realizes a global fair and efficient large-scale digital ecological financial service platform that uses the TCAN protocol as a node.

TChain will develop a variety of application scenarios, such as: digital asset wealth management, resources, digital tokenization of assets on-chain, blockchain smart contracts, online blockchain games, online entertainment (gaming), online malls, information sharing, etc. Relying on a variety of application scenarios at different levels, creating a unique closed loop of the blockchain industry, using TCAN tokens as a link, realizing the advancement of the financial industry ecosystem and allowing value to be transmitted perfectly.

TY angel fund (App wallet)

TY Angel Fund is a multifunctional wallet based on blockchain technology. It is also a decentralized platform that can complete digital token storage and electronic payment.

At the same time, the TY wallet has rich and diverse functions, and it carries many ideas in the TY ecosystem.The TY wallet provides a secure environment for storing digital assets, and opens up zero-risk digital smart investment transactions, bringing users’ digital assets. Steady revenue and promote the value of Token.

At the beginning of the project, TY will mainly complete the construction of the wallet framework, establish a better foundation for subsequent online game, gaming and other functional modules, and continue to adjust according to market developments. The function is implemented on the ground.

TY Blockchain Digital Exchange

The TChain blockchain is committed to creating an autonomous, efficient, and transparent digital asset trading platform, allowing traders and investors to safely conduct transactions of any size.

Through the products and services of the exchange, it provides enterprises with the service of quickly deploying efficient blockchain solutions, while achieving one-stop management and online services for Bitcoin, Ethereum, various tokens, and the company’s own digital tokens. Meet the seamless connection of digital currency and the physical world and truly activate your digital assets.

Financial settlement

With TY digital wallet as the hub, build a unified, efficient and transparent financial industry digital settlement system, solve many problems existing in the settlement process of today’s traditional industries, and provide consumers, producers and merchants with more efficient and valuable settlement services. To promote blood circulation and regeneration in traditional industries.

Asset on-chain

In the future, through the TCAN asset on-chain system, offline real-world physical assets can pledge equity valuations, convert them into tokens, complete asset on-chain, and realize digital assetization of the physical industry.

Investment and wealth management

The TY digital exchange has investment, mining, and wealth management functions. Users only need to transfer the token to their personal wallet account address to participate in contract transaction mining. The generated token can be proposed, and the GAS fee,calculated automatically by the system, is borne by the user,he/she can then continue to reinvest in mining, the token can be freely controlled, and can obtain extremely high interest rates.

Online mall

Based on the huge market prospects in the future, TChain will create its own mall shopping platform, and the main chain token will be available for online mall payment.

Unlike traditional malls, TCAN mall will bring more benefits and convenience to buyers and sellers. In the mall, all buyers are contributors to ecological operations and receive corresponding rights. Whenever buyers use Token to complete the purchase Behavior, will receive a certain percentage of Token as a reward.

The “nominal value” of any currency and financial asset always fluctuates around its “real value”.

Nowadays, the application scenarios of blockchain technology are becoming more and more widespread, especially in the area of enabling finance, and the application speed of blockchain applications has accelerated significantly. Based on the trend, TChain will continue to deeply cultivate the industry ,provide the most secure, convenient, high-quality, efficiently service to the financial industry and digital asset enthusiasts, promote the application of blockchain technology to accelerate the implementation, and realize the development and progress of society.

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