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The Whole Existence of Human Beings above Everything: Save Human Action Organization Formally Established

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The Whole Existence of Human Beings above Everything: Save Human Action Organization Formally Established

November 29
18:46 2019

On November 1, 2019, the Save Human Action Organization (SHAO) has been officially established under the careful planning and preparation in the early stage. It is understood that it is an international non-governmental organization with the mission of saving mankind from extinction. The highest authority of the organization is the member congress, and the highest decision-making body is the Council. In the initial stage, the chairman of the council is the founder Mr. Hu Jiaqi.


In the Constitution of Save Human Action Organization, the purpose of the organization is stated that it aims to promote a wake-up movement for all mankind in a peaceful way, so that all mankind generally realize that the continued development of science and technology will soon exterminate mankind. Only by realizing the great unity of mankind, adopting the power of the world regime and firmly limiting the development of science and technology can we save mankind from extinction, and make the whole mankind realize further that the great unity society is a society suitable for bringing universal happiness to the whole mankind. The ultimate goal of the organization is to achieve sustainable human existence and universal happiness.

Mr. Hu Jiaqi, the Founder, is a famous anthropologist and entrepreneur. Now he is a member of the CPPCC member of Mentougou District, Beijing. He has studied human issues for 40 years, and published many monographs and papers, among which Saving Humanity is his most important representative work into which he devoted most of his life. As early as the age of 17, with a sacred sense of mission, Mr. Hu Jiaqi decided to fight and devote his life to the cause of mankind.


On the day of the establishment of Save Human Action Organization, Mr. Hu Jiaqi introduced that it is engaged in the cause of all mankind, transcending the country, parties and ideology. In the future work, the organization will be wholeheartedly loyal to all human beings, and the starting point of all interests and behaviors is entirely for all human beings, and only for all human beings.

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