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To-Do List for Long Lasting Impression on 1st Day of Job

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To-Do List for Long Lasting Impression on 1st Day of Job

October 29
10:51 2013

first jobOctober 29 – Almost all of us have grownup learning one of the common sayings for sure – First impression is the last impression. This commonly popular sentence involves excess of content into it that can take you at the new peaks of success if learned properly.

First day of school, college and the job is what all we remember throughout our lives. It is simply because of the amalgamation of various sorts of feelings like enthusiasm, charm, excitement and nervousness prior to meeting new people of the place where we are going to study or work.

Even though first impression on first day of school or college is crucial but first impression on starting day of the work place is crucial of all because that day asks you to be in extreme discipline and organized. If you are going to join a new office, then remember a few points for sure that will help you stay calm and composed.

Make a To-Do List mentioning following points:-

• Be on Time :

Time is of great concern, especially on the date of joining. Reach the venue at least 20 to 30 minutes in advance so that all the joining formalities of the office can be done on time. Always remember, there is no substitute for time. Punctuality can make you stand apart given that who can manage his life according to schedule never fails in any task and at any point.

• Impress with Attire :

Properly clean and ironed clothes make a long lasting impression on the colleagues. If truth be told, when your garments are clean and spotless, a new sort of confidence is felt inside. Your shoes must be properly polished. You look actually organized when you are the same in actuality.

• Boost Your Confidence :

Getting nervous on the first day of job is a natural procedure and you can’t stop being a tad worried. It is due to the anxiousness of being at a new place with new people and new tasks involved in the new job. However, give a break to nervousness by thinking positive. Hadn’t you been intelligent & confident enough to crack the interview of the company, you wouldn’t have gotten hired by its human resource team. Keep your moral high and move ahead to set new benchmarks.

• Be Humble :

Talk with generosity and humbleness with people around you. Speak less but others should feel worthy having a conversation with you.

• Give Respect :

Expecting others to respect you needs you to respect them first. Earning respect is simply a give and take job. The more you give respect to others, the more you get from them.

• Remember Names :

Formal induction session is conducted by HR teams of almost all the offices and this is done to make their colleagues feel comfortable. During your induction period, try to memorize as many as names you can and in the next conversation only, try to refer fellow guys and gals by their names only. This will help you stand as a person with a sharp memory.

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