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Will Onions’ Prices Dip If Supply Improves?

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Will Onions’ Prices Dip If Supply Improves?

September 25
12:46 2015

edibleNew Delhi, Friday, September 25 – Many reasons were cited behind sudden rise in rate of onions. Since these being chief kitchen staple in several households, people were annoyed to see their budgets getting disturbed. Poor supply from Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana was considered responsible for the unexpected augmentation. But did prices really dip after it improved?

Not to forget that rates of bulb onions in Maharasthra also shot up during early August, playing a major role to let its prices swell in the national capital too. The impact was huge as Delhi receives a big portion of supply from the sprawling metropolis. Residents, however, are keen to know when a new story will be written as far as surprising surge in the prices of onions per kilo is considered. They hardly show any interest in the key reasons that inflate rates.

Not only Delhiites, but also people residing in different part of the country want some relief since it has been a tad long when onions started to burn a bigger hole in their pockets. The vegetable that is commonly used to prepare gravy & dry dishes and served as salad during lunch and dinners is letting people get tears in eyes thanks to instant increase. The edible bulbs were sold at INR 50 early last month but an augment of INR 10 was soon done, leaving no option in front of consumers to buy it in lesser quantity. Vendors are yet selling it at INR 60 a kilo. The wholesale rates of good quality onion per kilogram are also up but that’s still affordable.

According to some traders in the wholesale markets, the unanticipated rise in onions’ cost is the result of delayed supply from the regions which ensure the Capital meets its requirement. No signs of early respite are apparent and buyers are bearing the brunt. “We smelled further increase after onions were up by INR 20 to hit INR 50. If the rising trend doesn’t stop here, no wonder, we may have to spend a tad extra that what we are doing right now. As a result of thinning stocks from Northern India, Delhiites are shell out hard-earned money to get onions in an amount which is sufficient for the family,” said some inhabitants who consider unforeseen surge in the rates of domestic goods no more a shocking stuff.


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