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Will ‘Car Free Day’ Improve Air Quality in the Near Term?

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Will ‘Car Free Day’ Improve Air Quality in the Near Term?

September 23
08:54 2015

carfreeNew Delhi, Wednesday, September 23 – Can a ‘car free day’ really bring substantial change in the surroundings? It is a big question answer of which will only be found out after certain span of time. This day is celebrated every year on September 22 to encourage motorists to travel via environmental friendly vehicles and give their cars rest for a day.

The event was organized in Gurgaon. Despite the fact that it wasn’t successful to a great extent as the majority of people found the task of giving up cars for today tough, some good results might be observed sooner or later if car-free Tuesdays are celebrated in the long run. If was tough to ask populace do their bit and there was no ban to take out four-wheelers on the roads.

Nothing bigger can be achieved unless people themselves aren’t aware how dangerous is to add to pollution, which is the key reason to make residents get affected from a number of illnesses.  Respiratory problems in kids have increased in the recent past and, not to surprise, we are the ones who have made them stand on the verge of problematic situation. Addition of cars on roads on a daily basis worsens quality of air we taken in every day.

The rise in its percentage of pollution has been noticed lately. Downpour lends a hand in making atmosphere clean but since it hasn’t lashed the city often in September, doctors have attended patients with respiratory issues in hospitals. They may throng hospices if don’t follow needful measures before stepping out as environment isn’t that healthy what one might think it is.

People residing in the millennium city were in relief to a certain extent as roads weren’t congested as like any other day. even though the event couldn’t be called successful but as the motorists weren’t allowed to park their automobile anywhere on the roads, traffic moved systematically.  Navdeep Singh Virk, Gurgaon Police Commissioner, rode a bicycle himself perhaps it was the best way to encourage the masses to do the same.

It was a tad surprising to see empty roads in Gurgaon where vehicles usually form queues to create mile-long jams. 400 extra private buses were run to let commuters commute without any trouble. Metro trips were made rapid. After every 3 minutes, metro was available. This helped metro officials to find less congestion of the platforms.

If car usage is cut down as much as possible and residents are elaborated more about car pooling, it would slightly be easy to combat air pollution. More to the point, it would also be simple to steer clear of nightmare gridlocks, which irritate commuters as they waste both time and fuel on a daily basis.

If each city takes a pledge like Gurgaon and don’t bring out cars on roads for any day in a week, considerable change in the quality of air can be noticed. After all, it is our duty to make all things fine what we spoilt in these many years. Scenario at DLF Cyber City, Cyber Park area, Golf Course Road and Electronic City, which witness the heaviest flow of traffic regularly being major streets of the city, was a tad different yesterday.

Boards were placed that clearly showed cars parked here will be towed away. Arrangements were done for the same as well. Various leading companies of the metropolis also asked employees to come to the office by riding a cycle or using public & office transport. Constructive steps were taken. If inhabitants of Gurgaon are able to continue the same every Tuesday, no matter for a certain span of time, it will bring the difference. None knows small steps could turn bigger in the near future. Each efforts of the inhabitants to keep roads free from congestion should be praised.

The campaign No Car Tuesdays will not be easy to adopt but this is just the beginning. Challenges are huge to make each day ‘car free day’, however, residents could make impossible thing possible. The moment big cars are brought on the streets only when entire family is travelling, it would be easy for the walkers and other commuters on two-wheelers & rickshaws to have a stress-free movement right from early morning till late night.

Nothing much should be expected in the starting phase as it takes time to make up mind what could be the easiest mode of commuting if cars are left at home. There is a dire need to send constructive messages to the growing kids. If we are able to contribute from our end, coming generations will be able to breathe in air that’s free from pollutants. Everyone dreams of providing all sorts of luxuries to our children but giving them facilities at the cost of healthy climate can’t be welcomed in any condition. To improve quality of air, we must come forward to offer our contribution, which will certainly be rewarding after a certain span of time.