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Will Blame Game on Onions Divert Attention of Government from Other Key Issues?

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Will Blame Game on Onions Divert Attention of Government from Other Key Issues?

September 22
12:46 2015

kejNew Delhi, Tuesday, September 22 – From the time when an RTI revealed Arvind Kejriwal-led government’s corruption in purchase of onions, people are slightly in a state of shock.

Given that the RTI reply mentioned that Aam Aadmi Party, which came into rule early this year after winning 67 seats in the Delhi Assembly elections, bought the edible bulbs at INR 18 per kilo and sold the same to the Delhi people at INR 30 per kilo, it is not easy for the voters to accept onion scam by party that promised of eradicating corruption.

Whatever be the truth behind it, people are at least sure on a point that no matter whom they cast their precious votes, the sufferers are not going to be anyone else but themselves.  It has been more than a month when rates of onions went through the ceiling. Buyers weren’t ready for the shocking rise as the veggie being an essential ingredient of various households.

If we closely watch old movies then homemakers would give slices of onions & green chilies with chapattis to their men who were out for work. The film sequences signify that onion was considered a food of common man but can this be fit perfectly in today’s context. Not at all! If the alleged scam wasn’t brought to light, the masses would have thought that the increase in the cost of onions may be thanks to less production, higher transportation costs, labor expenses and inadequate showers.

Hoarding of the vegetable made the prices to hit the roof. Its shortage let private players and middlemen see unexpected profit. One can compromise on the quantity as sudden increase in rates of useful kitchen stuffs isn’t new but till when? Why not other key issues are solved to make living of the populace easy? Dengue outbreak in the city has scared populace to a great extent. Delhi government recently cancelled leave of doctors to control the problem but politicians have no shame in playing politics rather than resolving dengue mess. This is bizarre. When some people are given power to rule, they forget why they have been given chance to do so and what are the actual responsibilities.

Several young kids on traffic signals can be seen begging. Why not something’s done to introduce some positive change in their life? After all, they are also human beings. It is not their fault if they are brought into this world with no facilities at their end. Problems are many in India. There is a dire need to give it a glance and come up with feasible solution. Apart from supporting the wrong stuffs, considerable change can be noticed if patronage is offered to constructive things.


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