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Sunny Day Greets Delhi Rain Forecast Doesn’t Turn True

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Sunny Day Greets Delhi Rain Forecast Doesn’t Turn True

September 22
09:16 2015

heat2New Delhi, Tuesday, September 22 – It is a sunny day once again in the Capital. With estimate of more than 80 per cent rainfall a day ago, the weather of the city turned pleasant. The wait to enjoy heavy downpour seems getting long. In spite of the fact that traffic becomes horrible when showers lash the lanes, people heave a sigh of relief when mercury falls to a great extent.

The national capital regions was anticipated to witness rainfall soon as it did a couple of days ago given that weathermen forecast good percentage of downpour early this week. Fraction of the sky obscured by clouds on Monday boosted the sign that precipitation is set to knock at the doors of Delhi another time. But only respite was offered by winds that were cool and comforted the souls who were looking forward to substantial precipitation.

Maximum temperature on Tuesday is said to be 34 degree Celsius and minimum temperature 24 degree Celsius since 40 per cent rainfall chances remain. Humidity is to be 70 per cent but that would drop up to 50 per cent during the weekend due to clear sky. Ratio of showers will fluctuate in the range of 20 to 41 per cent. Scattered thunderstorm may possibly make environmental conditions soothing today.

More to the point, speed of the wind will vary between 11 km per hour and 21 km per hour. The major question for the masses is whether preparations are now done to avoid streets from getting soaked under water. Not to forget that even intermittent rainfall can create a mess on Delhi and NCR roads. Vehicles lineup to form big queues on the roads in the metropolis after rain is observed even for a while.

The level of complexity usually goes up for the commuters using personal vehicles for covering both small and long distances. Sunlight has been extreme this month. If was only late last week when things started to improve to a certain extent when sudden showers spread a broad smile on the faces of residents who were keenly looking towards the heavens for rains to take place in a little while.

Troubles are no less yet for the populace as rains, though happened in parts, increased the risk of mosquito breeding. Those having no shelters and measures to prevent themselves from dengue are adding to the number of patients getting treatment from city hospitals. If truth be told then people maintaining highest level of hygiene are also hit by dengue fever. The death toll alone in Delhi has crossed the mark of 20.

Several hospitals are making temporary arrangements at their place to admit sufferers who need treatment without any delay. Beds have been purchased by the hospice centres so that dengue patients, eying admission, couldn’t be sent home. Not only elderly populace but also mid-aged persons and kids are reporting about dengue symptoms. Doctors and medical staffs are leaving no stone unturned to help the sufferers. People are advised to keep an eye on cleanliness at their homes, work place and locality and don’t let water be stagnant in coolers and containers.


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