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Gentle Winds at Night Bring Slight Comfort Back in Delhi

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Gentle Winds at Night Bring Slight Comfort Back in Delhi

September 21
12:17 2015

weather delhiNew Delhi, Monday, September 21 – People living in the national capital were puzzled with the sudden rise in temperature in September as what all they were hoping was more rains in peak monsoon period. Climatic conditions in the current month have been unpredictable right from the first week, which was full of sunshine. However, weekend turned interesting after quick drop in mercury due to sporadic rains in various zones.

Situations changed when intensity of heat was soothed by overcast sky. The feel of comfort was felt by the residents who sweated in the day time thanks to rise in temperature unexpectedly in the last month of third quarter, which is usually soothing. Temperature was up the moment new month started. Signs of hot weather were apparent as sunshine was clear and bright. However, weather transition brought huge relief in the surroundings. Gentle winds blew at a good pace on Saturday and Sunday night.

The transition in type of weather all of a sudden a couple of days ago and yesterday put a ceiling on summer at least for sometime from now. People woke up to a pleasant morning yesterday in view of the fact that mild breeze welcomed them.  Weather conditions might change quickly in Delhi and nearby regions in the next few days. Maximum temperature of Delhi is supposed to vary in the range of 31 and 34 degree Celsius, while the minimum temperature between 23 and 26 degree Celsius till this weekend. Strong likelihood of sunlit mornings during the week remains on the cards but the news regarding mercury to stay low seems a bit comforting to the mob. Sky is expected to get gloomy on Monday. Forecast of heavy rains today and afternoon thunderstorms on Tuesday may turn true in the metropolis and several other cities.

As far as dampness is concerned, it will rise up to 74 per cent, making the surroundings a bit sultry. However, effects of the humidity will be subsided trouble for the people residing in Delhi and nearby areas. Speed of the wind is to be 14 km per hour, restricting the searing heat from getting extreme to a certain extent. If latest reports related to climate in remaining days of this month are to be mentioned then plenty on sun will increase temperature once again. Exposure to sunlight may possibly let the masses feel the discomfort and avoid going out if not necessary, chiefly during the noontime. Nonetheless, downpour is to lash the city roads at different time intervals, making higher and lower temperature to follow up and down fashion. Its oscillation may increase the risk of several seasonal diseases.

Dengue outbreak has been keeping the doctors and medical staffs busy these days. In the nutshell, partly cloudy sky, clear weather with sunshine and rain are ready to let general public experience weather change in a short span of time. Health experts continue to guide people to opt for safety measures to avoid the chance of being down due to fever. “If symptoms of dengue, which could be headache, pain in entire body, itchiness on skin etc., are visible then patients must be admitted to the hospital as early treatment will help the sufferer recover faster”, said a doctor of a government hospital.