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Overcast Sky, Downpour to End Dryness in Capital Soon

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Overcast Sky, Downpour to End Dryness in Capital Soon

September 18
07:26 2015

cloudNew Delhi, Friday, September 18 –  The change in weather is soon to surprise population of Delhi. The streak of hotter days has stayed a tad long this year in September. It wasn’t expected earlier when showers were seen often making the city wet the moment monsoon started. But the way half of the month has passed made the majority to strive for precipitation.

However, latest information over weather forecast points to the fact that transitions are likely in the near term. In fact, it rained for a while a couple of days ago when people were all set to enjoy sleep. The music of light thunderstorms was loved by Delhiites who have been waiting for rain from last several weeks. Despite the fact that it did not rain for considerable time, eyes can’t be close to the probability of good amount of showers by the end of this week. Weathermen see robust chances of downpour in the national capital to let temperature drop to a certain extent. Overcast sky is to give break to the populace from hot and sunny day.

The metropolis has been receiving an immense sunshine from almost a month. Nonetheless, picture would be different as soon as rain takes place for the good. Most of the cities apart from Delhi are looking forward to rains. Farmers could only anticipate for ideal output if rainwater reaches their farm to augment production. Seasonal rain imparts pivotal role in letting farmer heave a sigh of relief as this helps crop production be at par with hopes. If output affects, the masses have to bear the impact in a number of ways.

No wonder if people wake up to cloudy mornings; that’s something what they have been waiting for more than a few days. As per reports about weather in Delhi and nearby regions, 40 to 80 per cent rainfall is on the cards. This certainly indicates that thirst of the soil is to end in next to no time. Even on Friday, the weather turned pleasant. Being coupled with morning breeze, the climate boosted the thought that rains are to knock at the doors in a little while. Higher temperature is to fall up to 35 degree Celsius and lower temperature to settle on 27 degree Celsius today. Forecast about isolated thunderstorms has been done which will be the source behind dipping mercury up to a few notches and taking away the sharpness of heat. 30 per cent rainfall is to introduce the comfort in the environment.

Humidity will be 62 per cent but that would increase up to 74 per cent during the weekend. Ratio of showers will fluctuate in the range of 30 to 80 per cent. Scattered thunderstorm will make environmental conditions soothing. Speed of the wind will vary between 10 km per hour and 14 km per hour. The biggest question at present is whether all arrangements have now been done to lend a hand to the people to avoid waterlogging on the roads. Not to forget that Delhi and NCR streets submerged under water after incessant rainfall during early July. Before light rain gets back in the metropolis, the residents make sure to how to steer clear of traffic, especially during peak hours.