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Plant Saplings to Maintain Ecological Balance and Save Life on a Planet

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Plant Saplings to Maintain Ecological Balance and Save Life on a Planet

September 16
12:38 2015

treesNew Delhi, Wednesday, September 16 – Living creatures love greener spaces. No matter when house hunt is on. Greenery catches the attention being attractive in all senses. As a result of the power of foliage, people love to go for vacations at a place where sights are rich in shrubs, herbs, water and mountains. Population of the nation is increasing bit by bit. The higher are the numbers of residents, the more will be requirement of spaces to build residential colonies.

If truth be told then plantation is reduced in the name of development. Individuals leave no chance to blame others for cutting trees but would hardly give any effort to plant a few at their homes. We all wish for change but show interest in compromising with the number of facilities available. Air conditioned 4-wheelers on various streets increase hotness that becomes excruciating for the walkers and people on bikes, auto rickshaws and so on.

Still who cares unless situation go horrendous and out of control! The results in the near future could be horrific as the majority and concerned authorities show no interest to opt for effective measures. Trees were cut in the past and today as well to build shopping zones, metro stations, hotels & food joints, apartments and other construction purposes. Despite the fact that figures on papers might show that more plants were planted when the saplings were chopped for the sake of building structures, but what’s the truth behind that is what everybody knows.

Parking zones are being created everywhere. At the cost of plants, construction work is carried on everywhere. The aftermaths of deforestation would be understood when people will get tired on solving incalculable issues. As a matter of fact, the green zones are diminishing owing to rise in population. Kids don’t have proper playgrounds to enjoy outdoor sport. When children choose to get stubborn while playing games on phones and tablets, parents should not blame them for such a change in attitude for th reason that growing kids want something to entertain themselves. If stopped from playing sports outside then it is obvious they would play video games and online games using technology wonders.

It is our duty to provide them a safe place to play outdoor games so that they can channelize their energies at a right place. Since use of vehicles can’t be avoided at the present time as these help people reach desired destination within a short span of time, business class families, who can afford buying separate cars for each family member, should do their bit by not adding to the pollution. More than a few cars at a single place, of course, need enough space for parking which will be created by cutting of the trees. Public transport should be preferred over personal vehicles for daily commuting.

If one doesn’t have any option apart from traveling with cars or scooties, they should follow a simple rule; if a tree is cut, plant the two. This will help equalizing the balance in the environment to a certain extent. No justifications can give explanation for deforestation. Trees play imperative role to hold the soil, prevent surfaces from heavy downpour and floods. It would nearly be impossible for the people to think of any miraculous escape from  troublesome situation if trees of the mountainous areas start to collapse, causing irreparable loss to the property and public infrastructure. Prior causing ecological imbalance and damage to nature, people must be aware of the fact that they might not be that strong to bear the pain by outcomes witnessed when there will be weak vegetation.

Apart from offering shade to relax and lifting up the beauty of countryside area, plants relax soul as well, helping the masses to concentrate. It is a challenge for the residents of urban area to inhale fresh air. Most of the metropolises are polluted with dangerous gases emitted from vehicles, reducing oxygen carrying capacity of the blood. It is better to wake up now before it’s too late to make things ideal. A latest report says that weather will be hotter next year than what it is now. If anyhow transition in climate, which is not going to help any of us, can be stopped through contribution on personal front then nothing could be great that this. Plant shrubs to save future of coming generations.


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