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No Respite from Sultry Weather Visible in September

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No Respite from Sultry Weather Visible in September

September 10
10:00 2015

climate1New Delhi, Thursday, September 10 – No instant respite from scorching heat during the weekend is on radar. Mercury will carry on hitting 39 degree Celsius mark in the coming weeks as well. According to current weather reports, mercury may to drop at least thanks to some notches to the speedy gusts despite the fact that it might not last for long. Troubles are to increase during the middle of the day.

Nearly same sort of weather is witnessed by the citizens residing in Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan regions. As of today, weather will remain hot. Delhiites are waking up to clear sky, which leaves no option for them other than to make use of room cooling equipments as much as possible. Summerlike situations in the month of September, which should ideally be a rainy period, will continue to bother inhabitants. 41 per cent dampness will compel populace to wipe sweat.

Higher temperature in the national capital regions from Thursday till Sunday will oscillate between 37 degree Celsius and 38 degree Celsius. Intensity of sun rays has distinctly increased in the present week. Most of people avoid getting outside when it is not urgent to finish particular work. Office goers, daily wage workers and school kids are yet bearing the brunt for the reason that it is next to impossible for them to sit at home.

“Even though problems aren’t like what these had been during peak May and June period but hot climate in the end of third quarter is taking us by surprise. Power cut deteriorates conditions to a great extent. First terminal exams are just a few days away. Not everyone could afford installation of air conditioners at home. Sultry weather sometimes leaves us restless as it’s hard to sleep when surroundings are hot and humid,” said a few residents.

Problem is going to remain a tad long since bright sunshine to welcome populace right from early morning. In view of the fact that the heavens are not overcast, all prospects of instant breather get nullified. downpour helps in dropping the temperature as well as pollution. Doctors continue to warn people against hot climate which allows numerous health problems to outbreak.

“To stay away from skin infections, it is better to wrap face with cotton fabric, particularly when stepping out post 12 pm. More to this, apply sunscreen lotion no matter it is a sunny or cloudy day to protect skin from ultra violet radiations,” advised health experts further.