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Add to Style Quotient via Designer Blouses

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Add to Style Quotient via Designer Blouses

September 10
11:12 2015

blouseNew Delhi, Thursday, September 10 – Women are fond of ornaments. It is an old saying that jewelries are their best friends. If any honest view is to be written then ladies might not have a whole range of kitchen ingredients on some occasions but the count of necklaces, trinkets, armlets, bangles, rings and so on goes on increasing with each passing month.

Thanks to most of the shops that never run out of stock, girls are able to find a variety of designer items in both expensive and inexpensive rates.  The love for jewelries might not drop among them but yes they have fallen in love with style defining blouses, which go well with all kinds of sarees and lehangas.

Use of net fabric has increases in this day and age and the youngsters and even elderly people  aren’t shy of trying new styles. It is a positive approach. The better one wears, the good she feels about herself. It is truth that intelligence and good heart matters a lot than physical appearance but eyes can’t be closed to the fact that clothes according to one’s fitting are key to mark unforgettable impression on others.

Trend of saree is not new. In fact, its gorgeousness has crossed the boundaries. Foreigners feel stylish post draping a sari. “Even if saree isn’t heavy or full of embroidery, girls can turn heads by picking uniquely and elegantly stitched blouses. Through latkans & multicolored strings at the back, fashion quotient can easily be taken up. Jacketed and high-neck collared blouses are grabbing eyeballs and those who are taking demand of these kinds up are mostly college & office goers.

For a different look, these could be paired with banarasi, chiffon, lehanga, kanjivaram silk, cotton and chicken saris. Fashion of orange, yellow, green, purple, red, pink, golden, blue and green will continue to be super hit in the market. A variety of styles in blouses has made designers to introduce them with anarkali suits as well.

The saree look can be reinvented through blouses with or without sleeves. Myriad options are available online too to let ladies check the best among them and order for the same to style differently. After all, the way one dresses herself shows how creative is she in life. Put on dresses that are fit on body and offer comfort too.

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