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Kitchen Staples Likely to Get Pricey in Delhi Post Inadequate Rains

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Kitchen Staples Likely to Get Pricey in Delhi Post Inadequate Rains

September 09
13:24 2015

vegetablesNew Delhi, Wednesday, September 9 –  Sufficient rainfall hasn’t lashed crop producing states this time but inflation is likely to rise, to burn a hole in consumers’ pocket.

If real picture of the fruit and vegetable market is to be painted then more than a few kitchen staples have been priced up in September.

Tomatoes are already being sold at INR 30 to INR 50 according to quality. Slight increase has been witnessed in the potato rates too as this is being sold for INR 20 per kilo. White-pink tart berries are priced high too, restricting people from enjoying the sour taste.

Costs of carrots, bottle gourd, lady finger, bitter gourd, pumpkin and capsicums have not inflated but scenario could be different after a week or two as less production of these may disturb kitchen budgets.

No respite is offered by onions as being sold at INR 60 to INR 70 in several markets of the capital. In view of the fact that rain chances are week in the current month, no wonder more than a few veggies go out of budget of the majority.

Here is to mention that sudden rise and fall in prices of various products is not new in the country. People get shock without any notice post a hike. Since rains are significant to observe desired production, farmers keenly look towards the sky and pray for showers to wet their fields.

The need to adopt for some change in growing of crops according to the changed pattern of climate witnessed from the last few years is felt nowadays. A few measures are to be kept in pocket to put into practice to put a ceiling on price rise when weather conditions aren’t favorable.

Poor showers during peak monsoon may hit the final nail in the coffin soon, affecting the production of kitchen staples to a great extent. It is tough to nullify the probability of unexpected hike in the near term.


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