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Give Up Smoking & Drinking to Get Sheen on Face

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Give Up Smoking & Drinking to Get Sheen on Face

September 08
14:42 2015

smokingNew Delhi, Tuesday, September 8 – In the packets of cigarettes, warnings like ‘smoking is injurious to health’ and ‘smoking causes cancer’ are written in small letters. The fonts may not be large but have immense meaning. How many actually give a glimpse on it regardless of knowing ill effects of smoking. Paying no heed to such warnings could be lethal in the long term and everyone knows why.

Those who keep an eye on such cautions and avoid having alcohol and cigarettes are more able to enjoy life in a happier manner as compared to those who don’t. Carelessness towards the health turns fatal in quite a lot of cases. Several youngsters leave for heavenly abode at a young age. They failed to experience life as the task to quit smoking seemed them difficult than to quit from world.

Smoking gives birth to various health issues. Given that tobacco smoke is chemically active and can cause serious changes in the human body, general practitioners advise people to say a clear no to the habit to smoke. More to the point, nonstop smoking leaves mouth dry. Besides this, this makes skin extremely sensitive to both hot and cold climate, causes redness in eyes and augments probability of mouth cancer.

Heart rate & blood vessels also get affected. To retain facial charm, chain smoking must be stopped. Addiction to smoke should be blamed to make smokers look ten times older than their actual age. For wrinkle-free skin, giving up this habit as early as possible is the one of the options and this is important as face is mirror of the personality and speaks everything about what people eat and drink.

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