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Pursue a Hobby to Feel Energetic and Stay Content, Mentions Study

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Pursue a Hobby to Feel Energetic and Stay Content, Mentions Study

September 08
07:56 2015

hobbyNew Delhi, Tuesday, September 8 – Most of the parents run behind their kids to pursue dancing, gardening, singing, painting, writing poetries, creating sculptures, sewing, stitching, decorating home etc. as these are considered good for their development. It is right enough but a study mentions that no matter how old a person is, one or more hobbies must be part of his/her life.

Paying no attention to these extra co-curricular activities turns life monotonous. Watching daily soaps or flicks on television or finishing pending work in leisure time may seem entertaining or necessary at that particular moment but actually adds to boredom. Apart from mind and body, soul needs some relaxation and hobbies are best to pursue to de-stress and keep unwanted tensions at bay. Given that the work load is increasing in the majority of companies, the content will be an individual who learns the significance of small break from office chores.

Since employers of this day and age understand how important it is to boost confidence for their staffs, various competitions are organized after a certain span of time. Showcasing hidden talent motivates a person and this could be done easily by cooking meal along with others for a family treat at the weekend and taking part in social activities. Taking care for pets offers immense peace as their love is unconditional. Every time, profit and loss shouldn’t be kept in mind. When something makes heart happy, one shouldn’t hesitate in doing that, the study cites further.

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