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Devotees Celebrate Janmashtami with Sheer Enthusiasm; Festive Spirit Up Across the Nation

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Devotees Celebrate Janmashtami with Sheer Enthusiasm; Festive Spirit Up Across the Nation

September 07
10:57 2015

janmashtamiNew Delhi, Monday, September 7 – festival of Janmashtami was celebrated with immense enthusiasm in Delhi and other states a couple of days ago. Srikrishna Jayanti that is observed across the nation on the  birthday of Shri Krishna each year fell this time on Saturday.

For the reason that celebration gripped devotees much prior to the festive day, it was anticipated people will throng city temples to take a glimpse of Shri Krishna’s spellbinding beauty and this happened in actuality.

Quite a few roads leading to Iskcon Temple of Delhi and Noida, along with others like Chattarpur Mandir worn a festive look. Temple premises were decorated with colorful lightings. Lights and flowers in various places of worship in Delhi and national capital regions added to the beauty. Followers of Lord Krishna observed fast and offered their prayers. Given that demand for Janmashtami presents were up, people bought Laddu Gopal’s idols for the loved ones.

Markets were full of multicolored clothes for Radha Rani and Krishna. Dahi Handi event grabbed eyeballs thanks to the interest shown by young men, women and kids who participated to make human pyramid. To break a clay pot filled with buttermilk that is hung at a height is an old tradition that is yet practiced to keep it alive.

Prettiness of city schools was increased by the kids who were dressed up like Radha and Mohan. Prize distribution ceremony was also held in schools to back children. The festivity spirit was up in Mathura and Vrindavan as well, rejoicing people. Many had their reservation much prior to Janmashtami to witness how residents get colored in the color of Kanha. As per available reports, hundreds & thousands of devotees flocked here to offer their prayers.

Apt preparations were done to manage the unexpected crowd. Security arrangements were done to avoid any mishap. Chants increased the feel of Srikrishna Jayanti, the royal birth celebration of Lord Krishna. If truth be told then none was man or woman while festivity was on; they all were ‘gopis’. None remembered anything apart from Krishna when all processes of worshiping the Lord was in progress in the temples. People from politics and Bollywood wished everyone a happy Krishna Janmashtami. Social networks users posted updates to wish the same to family and friend.