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Onions Prices Fall a Bit as Fresh Stock Reaches Market

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Onions Prices Fall a Bit as Fresh Stock Reaches Market

September 04
00:08 2015

onionsNew Delhi, Friday, September 4 – Monsoon period did not knock at the doors on a happy note for the buyers who love to include onions in a whole range of recipes or as salad ingredient. Thanks to the high price of the edible bulbs for more than a few weeks, people either compromised on the quantity or just left the veggie in the stores only.

Here is to mention that onion prices kept on oscillating between INR 70 and INR 80 per kilo in Delhi. Since the rates went to the roof, many buyers waited a little more to see some drop. And now, they are content to see fresh stocks coming into the wholesale and retail market that has made cost of onions to fall in budget to a certain extent.

Given that supplies from Maharashtra and other states have improved, the prices have been pulled down to an extent, enabling populace to at least relish the taste without giving a thought to another point for sometime from now. Not to forget that onions marked a pricey entry this season. If a real picture of the market is to be painted then situation is not yet too good as the masses find onions yet unaffordable.

“Nothing much has changed for the common people. The only difference under Bharatiya Janata Party’s rule is that its prices haven’t touched the mark of INR 100 as happened during UPA’s governance. It is not easy for the majority to splurge for vegetables,” said some bunch of the residents. According to reports, there are chances to witness sudden rise in onion prices by the middle of this week. If this happens for real another time then problems for homemakers will increase, for sure.