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Devotees Gear up for Krishna Janmashtami’s Celebration

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Devotees Gear up for Krishna Janmashtami’s Celebration

September 03
12:22 2015

kanhaNew Delhi, Thursday, September 3 – Krishna Janmashtami is just a couple of days away. Preparations are at top gear across the nation to celebrate the festival in sheer joy. Delhi is not a step back compared to other cities at all.

Popular temples of the metropolis have been decorated to take the festive spirit up. Many devotees observe fast on Srikrishna Jayanti and this is the reason why selling of fruits and satvik eatables has increased this week.

Dahi handi, a popular celebration in Maharashtra, is set to grab eyeballs given that ‘Govindas’ make human pyramids to break an earthen pot filled with curd hanging mid-air through a rope. People are thronging shops to buy all those stuffs that are required to commemorate the birth of Lord Krishna.

Demand for dry Fruits, Radhe-Krishna idols and puja accessories has augmented to brighten the heart and souls of loved ones with wonderful gifts. Since schools are celebrating Sree Jayanti, parents have been asked to dress their kids as Krishna or Radha Rani. Awards will also be distributed to those who perform excellently well in cultural activities.