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Workout and Eat Right to Shed Unwanted Weight from Body

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Workout and Eat Right to Shed Unwanted Weight from Body

March 24
17:11 2014

excerciseNew Delhi, Monday, March 24 – A fit body is a boon for life. It is because of the fact a healthy man can achieve whatever he wants to have in life as compared to an unhealthy person, who get restricted of accomplishing things on time due to untimely sickness.

If truth be told, body is a temple. The more you care, the best you get. Rather than fulfilling your hunger with spicy, fast food and body damaging ingredients, it is better to go with a food that is rich in proteins, fiber, carbohydrates and vital vitamins like A, B C, D and E. Besides nutritious foodstuff, people must focus on the workout options that are essential to keep them in good shape, no matter whatever be their age is.

Most of us find it difficult to eat in right quantity. Instead of consuming food and drinks as per the requirement of our body, we generally try to eat heavy items in one go, which is actually a bad practice. In order to stay healthy, fit and fine, one must keep a watch over the stuffs he is going to munch. Either you are going to have breakfast, lunch or dinner, an eye on calorie taken is must. In place of eating fried eatables and veggies, best is to have them in boiled form to avoid intake of extra oil. Give place to fruits and nuts in your daily diet.

As far as various exercises are concerned, then it should be included in daily routine as ‘must to do’ jobs. First of all, remember a saying ‘early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’. Kick off your day with walking and jogging. Ride bicycle for 30 minutes that is helpful in shedding extra weight from waist and thighs. Shake a leg every evening that will lend a hand to maintain flexibility of body and refilling new energy into it. Don’t be hesitant of tapping your feet on favorite dance numbers. Get a good collection of songs and start dancing on a regular basis.

A continuous habit will make you look 5 to 10 years younger than your actual age. Join a gym to practice necessary workouts if you are unable to guide yourself correctly. Do the exercises as directed by the trainer, who prepares a perfect fitness plan as per your physique and body potency.

Must keep lower body workouts in mind if you really want to get rid of extra fat in next to no time. Do press ups, push ups and skip a rope to have an ideal figure. With the assistance of a gym trainer, acknowledge all are the right exercises that would do a magic in your life. After a proper workout, have healthy smoothies made from blueberries, strawberries, banana and other heavenly tasting fruits. Last but not the least, drink as a minimum 7 to 8 litres of water every day, to add glow on face and revive vigor & dynamism.

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