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Home décor: Make it easy with various themes

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Home décor: Make it easy with various themes

October 24
06:10 2013

Home décorOctober 24 – Diwali, the festival of lights, is almost in. Why not to give a new look to the house this time which is a place where you share all sorts of emotions altogether with family and friends via utmost love and care. In the current scenario, decorating home as per ‘theme’ is in fashion. It is because of the fact people do not hesitate anymore in spending huge sums, but intellectually, and trying out new things.

• Soothing shades for walls :-

If you are planning to paint the walls of your house beautifully this season then shades like soothing pink, yellow, blue, copper, blue are perfect to go with. Vibrant shades can also be picked but their use should be done wisely in view of the fact that if applied excessively, your eyes might not feel comfortable to sit for long hours.

• Apply Wallpapers :-

In a very short span of time, various sorts of wallpapers in both plain and prints have earned terrific popularity and buyers love getting wallpapers given that without any mess, these can be stuck on the walls without difficulty. Flowers, animals, dining zones, natural scenery, fruits and so on are some prints that can easily be found in the form of designs on wallpapers.

• Designer Cushions :-

Give a new look to your old sofas or beds by collaborating their look with stylishly created cushion covers. At the present time, cushions are available in various shapes and sizes, for instance, heart, circles, stars, sun, moon, butterfly etc. If you do no get cushions in these shapes, then still no problem; there are various home décor stores that sell designer cushion covers. Change the cover and give an entire new appearance to the living area of your house.

• Give space to soft music :-

Music is the best medicine for health. It not only minimizes the chances of getting under stress but is also a great source of filling new energy in the body. For soothing your mind and soul, place a small music system, if possible, in your house. Play good songs in slow voice that silently keep on boosting positive energy in you.

• Wind chimes for positivity :-

To be ‘positive’ is what everyone wants and this single word comprises in -depth meaning and wonderful effect in life. Get wind chimes in different sizes as per your wish and hang it over the doors or windows or a place from where these ‘positivity bringing objects’ get natural air. While picking wind chimes, just remember one thing that its rods and bells produce beautiful sound.

• Candles and artificial flowers :-

Everybody wishes of being in a love filled space. For increasing intensity of love your home, get perfumed candles that play crucial role in providing a vivacious look to the entire house. Apart from this, place artificial or natural flowers in eye striking flower pots to add attraction through all corners of the house.

• Decoration of bedroom :-

Bedroom is a place where each one of us hunts for a good sleep. Comfort as well as decoration of the place should always be kept on priority. Pick bed sheets, curtains, cushions, pillow covers in almost matching shades. This will help your room look big and cozy.

Implementing these few steps will bring terrific change in your standard of living. Try them and spend a beautiful life with all your family members in your dream home.

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