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Online Bidding site In India to Bid and Win prizes in auctions

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Online Bidding site In India to Bid and Win prizes in auctions

January 28
19:41 2014

Savings at Bidstall
Have you thought of Bidding Online in auctions to win free prizes like ipads, iphones, mobiles and other gadgets in india ? If not for free what are your thoughts of spending some amount and win these prizes at discounts and deals in online bidding sites. By deal its not a just 10-15% discount, but a decent 60-70% in discount, yet get the same brand new product with warranty. Lets see how you can get one.

While traditional online shopping sites may offer upto 5-10% deals, at innovative shopping sites you can do 60-70% deals while bidding in auctions. One such trusted and genuine auction bidding website is Bidstall that has innovated a unique way to sell brand new products where bidders have a proven track record of winning the latest iphone, ipad or laptop at 60-70% discounts. Getting such deals is just amazing.

Bidstall is a unique bid reverse auction portal that auctions the latest apple products-ipads, iphones; HD LED TV’s, laptops, mobiles cameras and camcorders. Recently a brand new samsung galaxy S4 phone on auction was sold for Rs 31.57 and the winning bidder saved a whooping 64%.

Such deals are amazing, lets see how its done.

It happens these bidding deals are genuine at . To know you have to understand entertainment bidding and auctions, in other words lowest unique bid and highest unique bid auction concept. This is the way it works. In highest unique bid auction a maximum price is set on the product, say Rs 50 with a bid quota per product. Unlike traditional auctioning and lowest unique bid auctioning where price keeps going up per bid, here price keeps going down per bid. For every bid, a bidding fee is charged and a timer keeps counting down. When bid quota and countdown timer both reach zero, the auction is said to be closed and the bidder whose bid is unique and closest to the maximum price is declared the winner. Usually the winner puts in 5%-10% of the product value.

Getting such bidding deals is incredible and a thrilling experience while contesting against other bidders. Its very important to strategize and commit to certain number of bids. This innovative bidding shopping model of auctioning products by Bidstall is allowing consumers get a deal where they win big prizes for small prices.

What is more interesting is that Bidstall is transparent in bidding process and one can get different kinds of free bids that are on offer, For example, one can get Free credits by liking Bidstall on facebook and participating in guess and win contests that run every week. By using these free credits you can even get an iphone or an ipad for Free.

But what happens to those who placed bids but did not win the auction ? Well, They usually get free gifts shipped free depending on the offer available with the bid package they select in the process of buying bids.

So what are you waiting for ? An innovative online bidding website where you can save upto 90% or more in auction is Bidstall. Register now, login and place bids and win the auctions of your choice today at a fraction of its retail price at Bidstall.

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Company Name: Bidstall K2Ventures
Contact Person: Bidstall
Email: Send Email
Phone: 22748617
Address:#10 Sirur Park, B Street, Seshadripuram
City: Bangalore
State: KA
Country: India

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