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Want to reduce weight? Household management is not enough

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Want to reduce weight? Household management is not enough

October 22
09:00 2013

Household managementOctober 22 – Each one of us dreams of leading a healthy life with a good physique and build. And, there is nothing weird to think so in view of the fact that a fat free body and stress free mind & soul are the major sources for taking you at the new peaks and heights of success in life.

Problem actually occurs when you have tires around your waist and extra weights on arms & thighs. All in all, when you are overweight, trouble starts from that particular point only. There is a myth lying beneath us that housework helps in reducing excessive weight as tasks like cleaning home through methods like sweeping, brooming and dusting, washing utensils and cleaning clothes involve too much of strength and hard work but as per a new study, men and women have a tendency to misjudge and exaggerate that how full of life and energetic they are while accomplishing household tasks.

If to consider view points of a few fitness experts, then domestic tasks are not adequate enough for reducing unwanted weight. Getting overweight is not at all good for health given that obesity is one of the prime reasons of causing various severe diseases that can also be lethal if not controlled on time.

So, apart from just finishing quite a lot of household works burn calories through cycling, walking and running as these are good options for having a balanced body. If someone literally desires for being in shape and size, then he/she needs to work out at least for 40 to 50 minutes and that too, as a minimum of 5 days in a week.

Be engaged in your domestic work also as household jobs fill different sort of energy within body but do not ignore the importance of exercising by following ‘easy to do’ work out methods. Last but not the least, consume proper juices, nuts, milk products, chicken, mutton, cottage cheese etc. for maintaining the equation of the body correctly.

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