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Get Rid of Tooth Problems to Flaunt Healthy & Broad Smile

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Get Rid of Tooth Problems to Flaunt Healthy & Broad Smile

May 14
13:51 2015

dentalNew Delhi, Thursday, May 14 – The number of patients complaining about tooth and gum problems vastly increased in the recent past. Unhealthy food habits have made issue get worse. Inflammation in gums adds to pain. To get rid of this, people need to stay away from pizza, burger, noodles, potato chips, soft drinks & beverages.

A recent study says eating habits have a relation with gums’ health. Eyes can’t be close to this truth. Dental check up is important but in case toothache becomes unbearable, home remedies could come to rescue for the sufferers. Craze of fast food vastly increased and gripped countrymen within short span of time.

Self-rising flour is a common ingredient in pasta, chow mein etc, increasing the probability of some portion to get stuck into our gums and between the gaps. Improper care and cleanliness gives birth to bleeding, soreness, pain, paleness and unendurable sensation  if teeth feel some sensitivity while having something hot or cold, it is a signal to be aware.

Tooth twinge can slightly be subsided by gargling with salty lukewarm water twice a day. A regular massage of teeth with golden color mustard oil with a pinch of turmeric will give instant relief. Aloe vera shows magical effect in treating gingivitis. Lime juice is also good for calming periodontal disease.

Regular care is indispensable if individuals want their gums and teeth to remain strong for several decades to come. Visiting dentist in every six month is advised, the researchers involved in the study described ahead.

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