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Why an Apple a day Keeps the Doctor Away?

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Why an Apple a day Keeps the Doctor Away?

May 05
14:19 2015

appleNew Delhi, Tuesday, May 5 – We all have grown up hearing a popular saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. But why is this exactly so? Why not other fruits fall in a category where Apple alone stands taller with its heads held high.

A latest study pointed to the benefits of eating apples which are rich in antioxidants and pectin. Regular consumption ends up tooth & gums problems, producing saliva thanks to biting the fruit and aptly chewing it.

It is also good for Alzheimer’s patients. Some improvement in memorizing things will be visible soon whether apple is eaten as it is or taken in juice form. Apple reduces the risk of cancer in the individuals who gorge on high-fibre diet. This makes several other illnesses like type 2 diabetes, Parkinson, diarrhea, hemorrhoids and constipation be at bay.

In order to boost immunity system, equal weightage should be given to fruits as similar to nutritious kitchen staples that’s indispensable to balance body weight and lead a happy life, the experts involved in the study cited further.

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