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Indian start-up “” launches revolutionary concept of “Social-Encyclopedia” to the world

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Indian start-up “” launches revolutionary concept of “Social-Encyclopedia” to the world

January 09
02:32 2015 came out with the concept of a Social Encyclopedia that is claimed to be a revolutionary leap in social networking and information management technologies on internet. The new technology is inspired by the headache that internet users have to go through every time they have to search for information covering all file formats and video integration at one place. It is very common and normal for people to lose track of their data as they go on sharing it with each other through email, social media or by using cloud technologies like drop box and google drive etc. Also, not all the formats of information are accessible to all the users at all times.

The new idea enables its users to create, search and save thousands of organized topics within an encyclopedia while using the internet and also to share the information with the desired individuals. These topics can be anything and everything like biographies, free courses for students, news, cooking recipes etc. The concept by also has an interactive social layer with privacy controls to help users connect socially with each other using their ideas, knowledge and intellect. Another reason for considering this new idea a worthy one is that it can store all the formats of information at one place in an organized manner. Regardless of the fact what type of data it is, i.e. a text file, ppt, video, doc or even a pdf. The entire universe of a user’s data at one place makes sure that the information is never lost and never difficult to find

Not only is the idea easy to share, it is also increasingly safe during use making it a trustworthy place to store away the data inside topics. The user can either declare the topics and its contents as open, thus making it accessible to the whole world or can select a group of few, or even a single person. Ideation, Sketching, coding, designing, functional aspects of were conversed on various railway stations and trains of Mumbai, NMMT and BEST buses, coffee shops, burger joints, as the founders couldn’t afford a dedicated working space.

Across the world, from 130 different countries and 2500 cities, The site has more than 10,000 unique visits from users each month. Also, this new idea is free to use as of now.

About Us: is a start up that has come up with an idea of social encyclopedia for Internet users across world.

Alchetron Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a consumer software product company primarily focussed on intelligent social-networks and software application products for Internet users across world.

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Company Name: Alchetron Technologies Pvt.Ltd.
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City: Mumbai
State: Maharashtra
Country: India


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