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Eat Right in Festive Season to Avoid Feeling Sick

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Eat Right in Festive Season to Avoid Feeling Sick

October 27
13:50 2016

eat1New Delhi, Thursday, October 27 – Several people all around the nation are to all set with the plans to eat a lot of eatables on account of the auspicious occasion of Dhanteras and Diwali, which are to be followed by Bhai Dooj and Govardhan Puja. People during festive season believe that offering prayers will bless them with immense peace, happiness and prosperity. A variety of cuisines are also prepared.

Since festival of lights, Diwali, is popular among the Indians, beauty of the celebration time is increased through decorative or clay diyas, candles, colorful lights and flowers. Various corners look beautiful whenever a festival is to be observed. But a number of people consider it the period to overeat, which is not right. They need to understand that consuming anything too heavy in a short span of time will make them feel the discomfort.

This may even dampen the festive spirit. The significance of having light stuffs must be learned. Instead of gorging on fruity chocolate shake or mouth-watering calorie rich pudding on more than a few occasions, it is better to have some liquids that could be fruit juices, coconut water or lassi. Fruit salad and custard are good options as well. Here is to mention that human body takes time to absorb food if taken in one go. Rather than eating all of the varieties together, it is better to eat in parts.

If truth be told then a low calorie dinner should be in menu to help digestive system function properly. Excessive eating of oily eatables can cause an imbalance to it, creating a sort of uneasiness that lasts for a long time. Best alternative is to have pulpy fruits that are rich in water content, fresh yogurt without any add-ons and soups that are also low on calorie. Relishing different flavors could be fun but it should not trouble body equation. If one is ready to have something yummilicious, keeping in mind it is not heavy in digesting, a sound sleep at the end of the day will refill energy for next day.

More to the point, eating light and right will help people stay fit and full of energy. There is no crime in eating an extra sweet but ending up the day with high calorie food may land its eater into a big problem. An eye on health can be kept without pouring too many efforts. Harms of overeating must be understood if one doesn’t want to see acidity level rising. Bad mouth and body odour are surprisingly unwelcomed results of eating too much. Issues like not able to concentrate, focus and memorize things can also be faced. Consumption of food regularly in large amounts must be avoided. Self-discipline is important in all aspects.

Preparations are in full swing in marketplaces and people are thronging there to get all essentials required for 5-day long festival, which starts tomorrow. Most of the schools in national capital will be shut from Friday till Tuesday. Office employees are also ready for festivity during the weekend. Demand for gifts is up as well since people wish to surprise loved ones on the festive day. More than a few jewelry stores and clothing shops are to witness huge crowd tomorrow. Prices of silver and gold are to go up as Dhanteras being considered perfect time for getting ornaments and coins. Several shopkeepers have introduced attractive discount and free gift offers to catch attention of the buyers as well in order to observe good selling.

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