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Shed Extra Pounds from Body to Avoid Depression, Says Study

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Shed Extra Pounds from Body to Avoid Depression, Says Study

October 25
14:05 2016

weightNew Delhi, Tuesday, October 25 – It is a natural desire of the human being to show off a fit body. More than a few people have it naturally without taking much care, while a few work hard to achieve it. This may ask them spend both time and money. Being in gym doesn’t guarantee fitness, but yes, those who actually make best use of the facilities there may get a toned body after a few months.

Doing yoga is alone helpful. Despite knowing the advantages of exercise, several people start feeling comfortable with love handles on the waist. Regardless of having the clue how to shed those extra kilos, no control over unhealthy food habits lead to obesity and tiredness. White sugar and refined flour are the dangerous combinations when eaten in large quantities. Having anything in trivial amount isn’t dangerous. Problem appears when quantity is huge.

As per a most recent report, which gave emphasis to the consequence of being in shape and negative effects of putting on mass, the individuals who are fit and have weight according to their height and age are able to live prosperous life as compared to those who are overweight. Being hale and hearty is the dream of everyone but one needs to wake up early and spend some quality time to maintain fitness. To avoid the risks of arthritis, coronary heart disease, sleep apnea, pain in joints, anxiety, breathing problems, heart attacks, cancer, osteoarthritis, tremendous sweating even in tasks requiring lesser strength, high blood pressure, hernia, type 2 diabetes etc, people shall keep an eye on their weight.

More to the point, it has been observed that obese populace may face depression at an early stage than slimmer people. It is a bitter truth that if a person is overweight, people stop calling them by their names. The alternative of dieting should be avoided since this may add extra pounds in the existing body weight for the reason that people crave more after not eating their favorite things for a long time. Excessive intake may cause imbalance in the body. The study called attention to the social consequences of being one of the people with extra weight and that was shocking! It mentioned plumpness could be a key reason for rejection in interviews as well in view of the fact that employers in their mind evaluate the actual power and exertion bearing capability of the aspirant when meet face to face.

Opinion of one or two doesn’t matter as determined people may find good job opportunities in the desired sectors through hard work. But yes, eyes can’t be shut to the fact that people with extra weight opt for options that ask for less physical activities. This could be a possible reason why obese candidates aren’t seen commonly in the field of sales and marketing. Focus of populace should be on getting fitter as fat people have lower life expectancy and restricted mobility. In addition to this, bone problems, particularly in legs, swell trouble often. To get rid of such unwanted health problems, attention of the masses should be on consuming food that is easy to digest, light and wholesome in nature.

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