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Power Naps Essential to Wake Up Fresh, Says Study

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Power Naps Essential to Wake Up Fresh, Says Study

September 27
14:49 2016

New Delhi, Tuesday, September 27 – The significance of undisturbed sleep lasting for 6 to 8 hours in a day is known to all. A nap during daytime is considered good as well since it makes laziness go away. Despite being aware with the health benefits of a proper sleep on a daily basis, a lot of people ignore its importance until they see some fine lines of aging on face & forehead and dark circles under their eyes.

Instead of opting for artificial means to have the glow on the face, people should focus on the methods to enjoy a sound sleep. As per a study, those who do not compromise on uninterrupted sleep part feel younger and full of energy as compared to those who spend time in partying with friends or waking up till early morning for clubbing and checking status of others on social media. If truth be told then the pace of aging becomes faster if a person avoids going to bed on time.

Apart from sleep, people should keep an eye on their daily calorie intake and must drink at least 2 to 3 litres of water per day to earn the natural glow. Besides this, power naps are crucial to avoid having the tiring looks. All those who wish to stay beautiful for several years to come need to follow discipline in life since carefulness on each aspect at a young age sets the foundation for happier life while growing old, the study cited further.

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