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Stay Away from Cell Phones to Stay Fit for Long

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Stay Away from Cell Phones to Stay Fit for Long

September 08
13:57 2016

mobNew Delhi, Thursday, September 8 – Avoiding mobile phones when it is not urgent could be a mantra to stay fit for long for some people. More than a few studies in the recent past have proved that how risky are the mobile radiations.

Excess of anything isn’t good and same is applicable on the use of cell phones. Brightness of the mobile display should be up to a level that doesn’t let eyes get stressed or feel any sort of discomfort.

People should avoid picking up the calls or ringing someone when the handset is receiving poor signals or shows low battery. In an atmosphere where people can’t imagine even a day without personal chat tool, staying away from harmful radiations is next to impossible.

A latest research says that it would be better to use phone only when something important is to be accomplished. It has turned literally difficult for the populace to socialize for a trouble-free life. It has gone even tougher to go back to old ways of contacting people as everything is just a few clicks away. Anything can be asked through instant messaging or through social networking sites.

People are always in touch with their mobiles throughout the day; while eating, taking nap, doing important chores etc. Technology is a wonderful medium and there is no doubt about it. However, users must know how much and when to use it to bring magical change in attitude and life.

The research emphasizes on meeting kin regularly rather than tagging them in various posts on social media given that this will help them make bonding stronger. Anything that provides peace to mind and comfort to soul should be practised to add to happiness. The happier a person is, the higher is the chance to lead a long life. As exercise is important for getting in shape, maintaining a required distance from laptops, phones and other gadgets is crucial as well.

Undisturbed sleep works as a medicine. People must not stick to devices before going to bed. This helps them get a sound sleep and wake up fresh, to stay up for next-day chores. Mobiles are need of life in a number of ways. It wouldn’t be wrong to mention that these have become human beings best friend. However, no communication can be better than meeting people face to face. Limit use of phones and see life getting its color in a totally different way.

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