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Canton Fair Light Technology + |GMY Launches Portable UV Purifier: Light Tech for Health

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Canton Fair Light Technology + |GMY Launches Portable UV Purifier: Light Tech for Health

April 17
23:06 2023

As people’s concern for health increases, new disinfection products targeting the mid-to-high-end market are gaining attention, and the application of ultraviolet disinfection technology in public health is becoming more and more widespread. In response to market demand, GMY, with its rich experience in UV product development, will showcase its SafeGlo series of 222nm star products and new product – PEP ONE portable air purifier at the 133rd Canton Fair, demonstrating its leading strength in the field of UV disinfection technology and providing more and better high-quality UV disinfection and purification products for consumers.

As an outstanding enterprise in UV disinfection technology and a top player in the field of light technology, GMY’s appearance at the Canton Fair is bound to lead a new trend in industry development. The SafeGlo series’ 222nm star product adopts highly efficient far-ultraviolet disinfection technology, which, compared to traditional UV disinfection methods, offers “dynamic disinfection, human-machine coexistence, and real-time protection,” with higher safety and effective sterilization features. These products have been widely applied in large public venues such as campuses, airports, and stadiums, becoming a powerful weapon to safeguard health.

Approximately 10 Minutes for Disinfection, Dual-Technology for Guaranteed Sterilization Effect

At the Canton Fair, GMY will also launch a new product in the SafeGlo series – the PEP ONE portable air purifier. This UV air purifier is suitable for personal daily life air disinfection and purification. Combining UV disinfection technology with a portable design, the product achieves convenient, efficient, and safe air purification. PEP ONE uses UV and photocatalyst technology, with high-intensity UVC bulbs ensuring stable sterilization and purification effects. Tests show that it takes only about 10 minutes to complete a sterilization cycle in a 3-cubic-meter space.

Approximately 3 Hours of Battery Life, Portable Design for Easy Use

To meet the demand for portable air disinfection and purification, the PEP ONE portable air purifier incorporates product design requirements for various scenarios, such as home, office, and travel, making it the ideal choice for consumers. It features a built-in large-capacity battery that lasts for about 3 hours or more. PEP ONE also provides users with convenience anytime, anywhere, and its three adjustment functions can meet different disinfection needs. Its simple and easy-to-operate interface and user-friendly design make the disinfection and purification process more comfortable and convenient.

Low-Noise Design, Compact Size Ensures Health Protection

In various situations, the PEP ONE portable air purifier demonstrates efficient disinfection and purification along with safe and reliable characteristics. Whether in meeting rooms, office areas, gyms, or gathering places, simply turn on PEP ONE, and its low-noise design of about 30 decibels will not interfere with normal conversations. Its compact size makes it easy to blend into various environments, silently safeguarding people’s health.

As one of the top 10 enterprises in China’s lighting industry for UV application in 2022, GMY has been focusing on the research and development and manufacturing of light technology applications for over 20 years. Through unremitting efforts in the field of light technology, GMY constantly enhances the user experience, establishes a professional and reliable brand image, and wins widespread recognition in the industry market.

Looking forward to the future, GMY will continue to delve into the field of light technology, boost industry development, and create a better and healthier living environment for people.

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